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Materials Recycling Sustainability

April 11, 2023
Teknor Apex buys recycled material supplier Nu-Pro Polymers

Canadian Plastics Recycling Sustainability

April 7, 2023
Canada Plastics Pact adds new signatory partners

Environment Materials Recycling Sustainability

March 23, 2023
Nova investing up to $4 billion to meet ‘bold’ ESG goals

Automotive Recycling Sustainability

February 22, 2023
Sustainable materials in tire production include plastic bottles

Canadian Plastics Materials Sustainability

February 15, 2023
Nova Chemicals launches new circular solutions business

Materials Sustainability

February 14, 2023
Ineos to build Europe’s ‘greenest’ cracker

Canadian Plastics Research & Development Sustainability

February 8, 2023
Feds request research proposals to address northern plastic pollution

Canadian Plastics Recycling Sustainability

December 6, 2022
First round of global plastic treaty talks held in Uruguay

Canadian Plastics Sustainability

November 16, 2022
Canadian plastics industry launches ‘Save Plastic’ social media campaign


November 14, 2022
Alberta commits up to $50 million to help the province’s industrial sector reduce emissions, improve competitiveness

Materials Recycling Sustainability

November 10, 2022
New Sony wireless headphones made with recycled plastic

Canadian Plastics Recycling Sustainability

November 4, 2022
CPP, CIAC, and Circular Materials collaborate to advance a circular plastics economy for Canada

Canadian Plastics Cleantech Canada Recycling Research & Development Sustainability

October 28, 2022
Aduro receives $1.15-million joint NSERC Alliance-Mitacs grant for chemical recycling project

Canadian Plastics Materials Packaging Sustainability

October 27, 2022
Nova launches 100 per cent rPE resin

Canadian Plastics Recycling Sustainability

October 22, 2022
Vancouver’s Plastic Bank makes big commitment at K

Materials Recycling Sustainability

October 11, 2022
LyondellBasell forms JV to build plastic waste sorting and recycling facility

Plastics Processes Sustainability

October 7, 2022
Most U.S. consumers consider the amount of plastic used when making a purchase, survey finds

Recycling Sustainability

September 22, 2022
Major brands, NGOs endorse new global plastics treaty

Materials Recycling Sustainability

September 14, 2022
Dow and Mura Technology announce location of Europe’s ‘largest advanced recycling facility’

Packaging Recycling Sustainability

September 12, 2022
Borealis, Trexel develop new reusable and fully recyclable lightweight bottle

Canadian Plastics Sustainability

August 23, 2022
Canada joins global treaty to ‘restrain’ plastic use

Canadian Plastics Sustainability

August 11, 2022
Plastic manufacturers file lawsuit to block planned federal ban on single-use plastics

Canadian Plastics Recycling Sustainability

August 5, 2022
McDonald’s Canada announces plan to transition to recycled packaging

Canadian Plastics Human Resources Packaging Sustainability

July 27, 2022
Canadian PET product maker CKF buying Molded Fiber Technology

Automotive Recycling Sustainability

July 22, 2022
Can electric vehicle batteries be recycled?

Recycling Sustainability

July 12, 2022
Letter to the Editor: Government policy and plastic waste

Recycling Sustainability

June 26, 2022
Canada’s single-use plastic ban – boasts reducing waste by 1.6 million tonnes but risks adding 3.2 million tonnes back

Canadian Plastics Sustainability

June 21, 2022
CIAC expresses ‘disappointment’ with Canada’s single-use plastics ban