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News Packaging Recycling Sustainability
June 16, 2022  

Big firms partner for soft plastic recycling project

News Sustainability
June 13, 2022  

Single-use plastic to be phased out in U.S. public lands

feature Recycling Sustainability
June 13, 2022  

Local efforts have cut plastic waste on Australia’s beaches by almost 30% in 6 years

News Materials Sustainability
June 7, 2022  

DuPont divests biomaterials business unit to Huafon Group

News Canadian Plastics Recycling Sustainability
June 6, 2022  

reciChain plastics recycling program expands to Alberta

News Canadian Plastics Sustainability
May 27, 2022  

McGill University launches initiative to help manufacturing businesses become sustainable

feature Research & Development Sustainability
May 24, 2022  

New plastic-eating enzyme could eliminate tons of landfill waste

feature Automotive Sustainability
May 20, 2022  

Electric car supplies are running out – and could drastically slow down the journey to net-zero

News Automotive Sustainability
April 26, 2022  

GM asks suppliers to sign carbon neutrality, human rights pledges

News Automotive Canadian Plastics Research & Development Sustainability
April 26, 2022  

Woodbridge develops CO2 neutral automotive seat foam

feature Environment Research & Development Sustainability
April 19, 2022  

Why algae can be our next secret weapon to combat plastic pollution

News Canadian Plastics Materials Recycling Research & Development Sustainability
April 18, 2022  

Nova, Enerkem move ahead on commercialization of made-in-Alberta chemical recycling technology

News Canadian Plastics Environment Recycling Sustainability
April 6, 2022  

Circular Plastics Taskforce gets funding support from Quebec

feature Materials Sustainability
April 6, 2022  

Do you toss biodegradable plastic in the compost bin? Here’s why it might not break down

News Canadian Plastics Packaging Plastics Processes Recycling Sustainability
March 31, 2022  

Sigma expands production of Vanish stretch film to all North American locations

feature Materials Research & Development Sustainability
March 28, 2022  

The world’s first biodegradable shoe is here

News Recycling Sustainability
March 24, 2022  

Corona holds first ‘Plastic Fishing Tournament’

feature Recycling Sustainability
March 21, 2022  

Four reasons to be hopeful about the planned global plastics treaty

News Packaging Sustainability
March 2, 2022  

Molson Coors to eliminate plastic six-pack rings

feature Canadian Plastics Materials Sustainability
February 4, 2022  

Solving for climate change: The plastics industry is up for the task

News Canadian Plastics Materials Sustainability
February 1, 2022  

Bioplastics supplier TerraVerdae Bioworks to acquire PolyFerm Canada

News Cleantech Canada Packaging Sustainability
January 28, 2022  

Nexe acquires an industrial facility in Windsor, Ont.

News Plastics Processes Sustainability
January 26, 2022  

U.S. Plastics Pact calls for elimination of 11 “problematic” packaging products and materials

feature Materials Research & Development Sustainability
January 24, 2022  

Sweet! Scientists develop mechanically recyclable sugar-based polymers

feature Recycling Sustainability
December 23, 2021  

COVID-19 home testing kits: should we be worried about their environmental impact?

feature Canadian Plastics Environment Sustainability
December 20, 2021  

Two years in, Canada’s Ghost Gear Program keeps gathering ocean waste (and momentum)

News Canadian Plastics Packaging Plastics Processes Recycling Sustainability
December 13, 2021  

New report examines barriers to increasing food-grade PCR use in Canada

News Canadian Plastics Recycling Sustainability
December 7, 2021  

Fifteen new partners join Canada Plastics Pact