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#Plastic processing components maker Xaloy LLC will move its barrel #manufacturing operation from Ohio back to Virginia, reopening its former facility in Pulaski County #injectionmolding #extrusion

#Recycling technology developer Ravago has acquired an equity interest in Ohio-based recycling firm Alterra Energy, and will be a strategic partner in supplying pre-processed waste #plastic to Alterra's Akron facility

Ontario-based @AduroCleanTech has developed a novel #chemical conversion process to transform waste #plastics into renewable #fuels and specialty chemicals #Sustainability #Renewables

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Daemar Inc.
Bearings from Daemar Inc. can help move your products in the right direction. When you want to send keep your product moving in linear directions, trust us...

3D Cable Carriers
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can supply three-dimensional Robotrax cable carriers. These carriers can move in three dimensions and are ideal for use with robots ...
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P & A Plastics Inc.
Trust P & A Plastics to be your source for polyethylene products. Whether you are looking for sheets, rods, tubes, tanks, bearings, wear plates or more...

Pollution Control Systems
N.R. Murphy Limited
Custom designed pollution control systems are available from N.R. Murphy Limited. We manufacture a complete line of both standard and custom products inclu...
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Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited
Johnston Industrial Plastics has over seventy years of experience in manufacturing and distributing plastic shapes. We work with a wide range of plastics, ...

Custom Machining
Collison-Goll Ltd
Custom machining services are available from a trustworthy and reputable manufacturer, Collison-Goll Limited. We focus on custom products built to our cust...