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feature 3D Printing Materials Research & Development
February 24, 2023  

Making lifelike, 3D-printed microscopic creatures from smart polymers

feature Research & Development
February 17, 2023  

Seychelles is becoming overwhelmed by marine plastic – we now know where it comes from

News Canadian Plastics Research & Development Sustainability
February 8, 2023  

Feds request research proposals to address northern plastic pollution

feature Materials Research & Development
February 6, 2023  

New method to make complex polymers with precisely controlled structures

feature Canadian Plastics Research & Development
January 30, 2023  

Why your company needs an innovation strategy in 2023

feature Materials Research & Development
January 22, 2023  

Implantable polymer ‘sponge’ helps kill cancers

News Automotive Research & Development
January 11, 2023  

Canadian-made ‘Project Arrow’ EV debuts at CES 2023 show

News Canadian Plastics Materials Packaging Research & Development
December 16, 2022  

Nova Chemicals, Polytechnique Montréal partner on chemical engineering pilot program

feature Materials Research & Development
December 14, 2022  

Dutch researchers develop strong, durable bio-based plastics

News Canadian Plastics Research & Development
December 8, 2022  

New smart manufacturing exhibition coming to Alberta in 2023

feature Materials Research & Development
November 28, 2022  

Scientists discover material that can be made like a plastic but conducts like metal

feature 3D Printing Research & Development
November 4, 2022  

3D bioprinter on International Space Station prints human tissue

News Canadian Plastics Research & Development Robots & Automation
October 31, 2022  

ABB to invest $13 million to expand Quebec facility

News Canadian Plastics Cleantech Canada Recycling Research & Development Sustainability
October 28, 2022  

Aduro receives $1.15-million joint NSERC Alliance-Mitacs grant for chemical recycling project

News Canadian Plastics Research & Development Software
October 22, 2022  

Canadian firm shows award-winning polymer testing system at K

feature Recycling Research & Development
October 17, 2022  

New process could enable more efficient plastics recycling

feature Materials Recycling Research & Development
October 7, 2022  

‘Breakthrough’ process boosts plastics recycling by transforming PE into PP

feature Materials Research & Development
September 20, 2022  

A new soft polymer material is capable of ‘thinking’

feature Packaging Recycling Research & Development
August 29, 2022  

New chemical recycling process allows recycling of medicine strips

feature Research & Development
August 24, 2022  

Contaminants of emerging concern, found in sunscreens and plastics, end up in the St. Lawrence River

feature Canadian Plastics Research & Development Software
August 11, 2022  

All about actionable data

feature Canadian Plastics COVID-19 Research & Development
August 4, 2022  

McMaster inventors’ repellent plastic wrap sheds all viruses and bacteria

feature Research & Development Robots & Automation
July 15, 2022  

Tiny fish-shaped robot ‘swims’ around picking up microplastics

feature Research & Development
June 30, 2022  

Microplastics may pose a greater threat to the base of marine food webs

feature Recycling Research & Development Sustainability
June 19, 2022  

Researchers discover that ‘superworms’ will eat plastic waste

News Canadian Plastics Packaging Plastics Processes Recycling Research & Development
June 18, 2022  

Nova Chemicals expands its HDPE resins for oriented film structures

News Recycling Research & Development
June 2, 2022  

igus unveils the world’s first urban bike made from recycled plastic

News Canadian Plastics Research & Development Robots & Automation
May 25, 2022  

Quebec-based Worximity gets $14 million in funding to accelerate manufacturing productivity