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News Canadian Plastics Research & Development Robots & Automation
May 25, 2022  

Quebec-based Worximity gets $14 million in funding to accelerate manufacturing productivity

feature Research & Development Sustainability
May 24, 2022  

New plastic-eating enzyme could eliminate tons of landfill waste

feature Environment Research & Development
May 11, 2022  

Disease-causing parasites can hitch a ride on plastics and potentially spread through the sea, new research suggests

feature Materials Research & Development
May 6, 2022  

Researchers use okra to remove microplastics pollution

News Automotive Canadian Plastics Research & Development
April 27, 2022  

O-AMP invests another $5.5 million in automotive supply chain

News Automotive Canadian Plastics Research & Development Sustainability
April 26, 2022  

Woodbridge develops CO2 neutral automotive seat foam

feature Canadian Plastics Research & Development
April 25, 2022  

IP 101: Understanding the Basics of Intellectual Property

feature Environment Research & Development Sustainability
April 19, 2022  

Why algae can be our next secret weapon to combat plastic pollution

News Canadian Plastics Materials Recycling Research & Development Sustainability
April 18, 2022  

Nova, Enerkem move ahead on commercialization of made-in-Alberta chemical recycling technology

feature Research & Development
April 14, 2022  

Spring Cleaning: Getting your IP House in Order

feature Materials Research & Development Sustainability
March 28, 2022  

The world’s first biodegradable shoe is here

News 3D Printing Canadian Plastics Research & Development
March 16, 2022  

CED gives $93,625 to Quebec additive manufacturing platform

feature Materials Research & Development
March 4, 2022  

Researchers develop self-healing polymer that rapidly recovers from damage

feature Materials Research & Development
February 25, 2022  

New plant-derived composite with bone-hard toughness

News Canadian Plastics Research & Development
February 21, 2022  

Canadian fuel cell polymer maker Ionomr Innovations expands in New York

feature 3D Printing Materials Recycling Research & Development
February 17, 2022  

The wiring in your plane could soon be made from recycled plastic – new research

feature Construction Materials Research & Development
February 10, 2022  

New polymer material is as strong as steel, as light as plastic

feature Materials Research & Development Sustainability
January 24, 2022  

Sweet! Scientists develop mechanically recyclable sugar-based polymers

News Materials Research & Development
January 21, 2022  

NatureWorks relocating to new headquarters, R&D facility

News Canadian Plastics Research & Development
January 17, 2022  

Ontario launches $40-million program to help manufacturers innovate

feature Materials Recycling Research & Development
January 7, 2022  

Recycled plastic dishwasher component proves a big point

feature 3D Printing Materials Research & Development
December 30, 2021  

3D-printed plastic knee brace gives relief for the elderly

News Canadian Plastics Recycling Research & Development
December 15, 2021  

Government of Canada invests in Montreal recycler Polystyvert

feature Automotive Materials Recycling Research & Development
December 13, 2021  

DSM and partners earn SPE award for using recycled ocean plastic in Ford SUV

News Plastics Processes Research & Development
December 3, 2021  

Milacron donates equipment to Ohio university for plastics engineering program

feature Canadian Plastics Recycling Research & Development Sustainability
November 15, 2021  

Ontario firms Aduro, Switch Energy partner to recycle agricultural plastics

feature Packaging Plastics Processes Research & Development Sustainability
November 8, 2021  

Coca‑Cola unveils first 100 per cent plant-based plastic beverage bottle

feature Canadian Plastics Plastics Processes Research & Development
November 2, 2021  

Oil companies are ploughing money into fossil-fuelled plastics production at a record rate – new research