Canadian Plastics


October 28, 2020  

New sunglasses made from certified ocean plastic

Offered by The Ocean Cleanup organization, the sunglasses are made from plastics recovered from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

October 27, 2020  

Burger King partners with TerraCycle to test reusable packaging

The trial will give customers the option of having their hamburgers and drinks packaged in reusable containers that are brought back to the store, where they will be cleaned and readied for reuse.

October 22, 2020  

Bacardi to adopt 100 per cent biodegradable PHA bottle

Petroleum-based plastics used by Bacardi today will be replaced by Danimer Scientific’s Nodax PHA, a biopolymer which derives from the natural oils of plant seeds such as palm, canola, and soy.

October 19, 2020  

Bioplastics will need significant government intervention to realize full potential, report says

In order to achieve the scale needed to play a meaningful role, the report from Wood Mackenzie says, the bioplastics industry will require significant regulatory interventions from governments and substantial cost efficiencies as technologies mature and scale.

October 18, 2020  

Braskem partners to remove household plastic waste from landfill in Greater São Paulo

Braskem and environmental engineering firm Tecipar plan to recover about 2,000 tons of plastic waste annually from Santana do Parnaíba, a city in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil.

October 14, 2020  

Alpla Group unveils world’s first carbon-neutral recycled PET

The production process uses green electricity and offsets unavoidable emissions with carbon certificates.

October 12, 2020  

New project to build lightweight car from recycled PET composite material

The project involved using more than 20 square meters of recycled PET honeycomb cores.

October 6, 2020  

Bioplastics maker Danimer merging with Live Oak Acquisitions, going public

The Georgia-based bioplastics maker’s agreement with Live Oak Acquisition Corp. will result in its listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

October 5, 2020  

Plastic-eating enzyme “cocktail” offers new hope for plastic waste

The same team of UK researchers who re-engineered the plastic-eating enzyme PETase have now created an enzyme “cocktail’ which can digest plastic up to six times faster.

October 1, 2020  

Borealis, Borouge and Itochu collaborate to target Japan’s bio-PP market

The collaboration is designed to enable uptake of renewable polypropylene in the Japanese market.

September 30, 2020  

Plastic-eating, silk-producing bacteria could be a new ally in the fight against waste

Researchers in New York are genetically engineering a microorganism that “eats” petroleum-based plastic waste and converts it to a biodegradable plastic alternative.

September 25, 2020  

Corbion and Total to build first world-scale PLA plant in Europe

The new plant is planned to be located in Grandpuits, France and to be operational in 2024 with projected annual capacity of 100,000 tons per year.

September 25, 2020  

Borealis receives European Investment Bank loan for development of circular economy solutions

The EIB grant of 250 million euros will be used to further Borealis’ research, development, and innovation program.

September 23, 2020  

NatureWorks to expand PLA capacity at Nebraska manufacturing plant

The manufacturing upgrades increase NatureWorks’ responsiveness to changing market dynamics and high demand for its Ingeo biomaterials.

September 22, 2020  

Nova joins Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup Initiative

The recently-launched Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup Initiative is tackling plastic pollution in the Great Lakes with the largest deployment of Seabin and LittaTrap technology in the world.

August 27, 2020  

U.S. Plastics Pact launched to achieve circular economy for plastics

The collaboration is led by The Recycling Partnership, World Wildlife Fund, and Ellen MacArthur Foundation with the goal of creating a circular economy for plastics in the United States by 2025.

August 21, 2020  

Backyard compostable straw wins Plastics Industry Association bioplastic award

Said to be the first of its kind, the Phade straws were co-developed by Danimer Scientific and Wincup.

August 21, 2020  

New “super” plastics recycling plant gets $9 million in funding

The investment from Erie Insurance and plastics packaging supplier The Plastek Group will go towards building the $100-million, mega-sized all-plastics recycling facility in Erie, Pa.

August 18, 2020  

“The materials transition” could divert 382 million tonnes of plastic waste by 2040

The plastics industry requires a paradigm shift towards an absolute decoupling of materials consumption from growth of the economy if it is to achieve sustainability targets, according to new research from research firm Wood Mackenzie.

July 31, 2020  

University of Delaware researchers get $11 million grant to study plastic upcycling

The funding is part of a larger U.S. Department of Energy initiative that will see $100 million go to 10 energy frontier research centres to develop the nation’s energy economy.