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AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT Dryer combines twin bed desiccant and wheel technologies

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT Dryer combines twin bed desiccant and wheel technologies

Wittmann’s new Drymax ER60 dryer offers an alternative to a twin bed desiccant dryer by combining the advantages of the twin bed system with those of the wheel dryer.

The ER60 provides a constant dew point along with energy efficiency and the ability to change inexpensive desiccant without having to replace the entire wheel unit.

The regeneration heater in the ER60 heats the desiccant to 240C. The residual heat of the exhaust air is used in a heat exchanger to pre-heat the incoming air. A second segment cools the desiccant and a third segment is responsible for drying the process air. The entire cooling energy from the cooling process is fed back to the drying process, thereby resulting in an energy optimized and effective drying process.


The drying wheel uses a standard Type A Zeolite, which can be exchanged by the customer in their plant like a typical desiccant cartridge.

Additionally, the ER60 is not limited to only one type of desiccant, allowing for different fillings to be used.

Wittmann Canada Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ont.);; 888-466-8266

Magnetic separation of metal particles

The new NEO FF Series Drawer Magnet from Bunting Magnetics features a high-strength, high-temperature neodymium magnet system that captures and holds even extremely fine metal particles, allowing for less downtime as well as reduced screw wear and fewer plugged hot runner nozzles.

The NEO Drawer Magnet is built with a rugged, stainless steel housing for durability. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be mounted at the injector throat. A single stainless steel center drawer guide makes removal and reinstallation of the magnet drawer quick and easy, so maintenance and cleaning can be fast and trouble free.

The unit’s magnet drawer is locked in place by new high-torque nylon knobs that resist breakage and stand up to everyday use much better than plastic knobs. A new magnetic latch keeps the slide gate in the open position under high vibration conditions without hampering normal operation.

Bunting Magnetics Co. (Newton, Kan.);; 800-835-2526

INJECTION MOLDING Golden Edition range grows

With the new Allrounder 920 S, Arburg has extended its hydraulic Allrounder Golden Edition range.

The 920 S has a distance between tie bars of 920 x 920 millimetres, and a clamping force of 4,600 kN. The machine works with a size 2,100 injection unit. Screw diameters of 60, 70 and 80 millimetres are optionally available and the maximum shot weight is 1,286 grams of polystyrene.

The 920 S also features fixed clamping force/injection unit combinations; technologically superior standard equipment in the form of highly wear-resistant plasticising cylinders, fast-switching valve technology; and the Selogica “direct” control with touchscreen.

Arburg Inc. (Newington, Conn.);; 860-667-6500 Dier International Plastics Inc. (Unionville, Ont.);; 905-474-9874

DCube (Montreal, Que.);; 514-272-0500

Drive solution provides energy savings

Based on its Saturn Series, Haitian’s new Mars Series injection molding machines offers energy savings of up to 70 per cent over standard hydraulic machines.

The units come with a highly dynamic AC servomotor that drives the gear pump, and that only switches itself on when required. The servomotor is adjustable from 0 to 2,000 rpm. Through the quick reaction time of 0.05 s (to 2,000 rpm) the energy-saving drive system achieves a high dynamic and significantly reduces cycle times, as well as achieving high precision.

As with the Saturn Series, the Mars Series also offers high-tech KEBA-control technology with models ‘1075’ and ‘4030’ for reliable process control and optimization.

The Mars Series is currently supplied with 16 clamping forces, from 600 to 60,000 kN and has at its disposal an extensive catalogue of features for application-orientated configuration.

Absolute Haitian (Worcester, Mass.);; 508-459-5372 Shadow Automation Inc. (Uxbridge, Ont.); 416-725-4046

Lutek Plastics Equipment (Dorval, Que.);; 514-421-8963

New insert process for micromolding

The Microsystem 50 injection molding machine from Battenfeld Injection Molding is now available with a universal insert module which, thanks to its standardized design, is suitable for a great variety of inserts.

With this production cell specially designed for parts below 100 mg, processors have the benefit of a four to five times wider processing window and more stable production tolerances than with conventional technology, meaning that even the tiniest part weights can be realized with a high degree of accuracy.

The Microsystem 50 is also the only system on the market that offers optional machine extensions specially designed for micro parts, with which the production cell can be perfectly adapted to various individual requirements. These include modules for clean-room applications, quality assurance and handling.

Additionally, production with the Microsystem 50 offers cycle times shortened by about 50 per cent and energy savings of about two thirds compared to conventional injection molding.

Battenfeld Canada (Mississauga, Ont.);; 905-670-9384

Two-colour I/M compounder

Engel, in co-operation with the Nuremberg-based extrusion specialist Leistritz, have now developed a twocolour injection molding compounder that offers improved mechanical properties of the final product as well as significant savings in material costs and energy.

The Engel duo machine, with an integrated ZSE MAXX extruder, makes it possible to continuously and directly introduce the compounded material into the injection molding process.

The unit is well suited for applications for the automobile industry, as well as packing (pallets, boxes) and in processing natural fibres.

If required, the injection molding machine can also be operated independently of the extruder for standard injection molding processes.

Engel Canada Inc. (Guelph, Ont.);; 519-836-0220

Energy-saving barrel heating system

Xaloy’s new nXheat non-contact induction barrel heating system for injection molding sharply cuts energy costs and improves temperature control compared with conventional heater bands.

The system is available in all-zone nXheat, in which induction heating completely replaces conventional heater bands; and nXheat- Hybrid, in which power-saving induction technology heats the barrel’s feed zone while conventional band heaters handle downstream zones.

Because of the high value of the reduction in power consumption, all-zone nXheat is well suited for larger machines with more than three heating zones. On smaller machines with two or three zones the nXheat-Hybrid system can deliver most of the savings of the all-zone system because induction is used in the barrel’s feed zone where the greatest amount of heat input is required to start the melting process.

Xaloy Inc. (New Castle, Pa.);; 800-897-2830

BLOW MOLDING Large multi-cavity blow molding machine

The new Uniloy Milac
Shuttle Machine (UMS 500D) is a large multi-cavity blow molding machine suitable for in-mold labeling applications.

With a compact frame design and a clamping force of 50 tons, the unit offers a carriage stroke of 1,350mm.

The UMS 500D comes standard with gripper take-out 2 axes.

Uniloy Milacron (Tecumseh, Mich.);; 517-424-8756 Moldpro (Burlington, Ont.);; 905-335-3364

Augmented Reality boosts technical assistance

Sidel’s R.E.A.L. (Remote Expert Assistance for Lines) system uses Augmented Reality technology to deliver real time service for blow mold customers in need of technical assistance, maintenance and training that don’t have access to a Sidel service technician.

Using a set of portable equipment including a headset, micro display, cameras, microphone and CPU for sending and receiving data, R.E.A.L. allows Sidel specialists to guide customers during repairs or complicated maintenance work. The technician receives real time audio and video information to help him perform complex operations. The Sidel operator can even project additional information (2D and 3D drawings, photos, videos and manuals) into the micro display built into the customer’s headset.

Accessible from a Wi-Fi connection, R.E.A.L. uses the same secure network as Remote Access (minimum upload speed: 650 kb/sec).

Sidel Canada Inc. (Laval, Que.);; 450-973-3337


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