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Blow Molding (November 01, 2007)

Automatic blow molding regulation system

November 1, 2007   Canadian Plastics

Automatic blow molding regulation system

The new Equinox system built into Sidel’s rotary blow molding machines ensures consistent, top quality PET bottle production for better overall bottling line efficiency.

Using sensor modules that emit infrared light, Equinox automatically measures the exact weight of bottle bases, and also monitors and corrects other aspects of bottle quality during production regardless of output rate. If the system detects variations from the setpoint weight, it corrects the problem by adjusting certain low molding parameters without need of machine shutdown. In most cases, the automatic regulation occurs so quickly that no variation in material distribution exceeds the control limits set for the production mode.

If Equinox is unable to return the variations to within tolerance limits, it automatically lets the operator know which blow molding station is causing the problem so that the operator can either modify pressure flow or take other corrective measures.


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