January 30, 2013 News

CCL Industries buys Avery Dennison label converting business for $500 million

by Canadian Plastics

CCL Industries Inc., a Toronto-based specialty packaging manufacturer, is acquiring the office and consumer products and designed and engineered solutions businesses of Avery Dennison for $500 million in cash.

January 29, 2013 News

Amcor makes major expansion of Orlando facility

by Canadian Plastics

In a move to beef up its beverage and pharmaceutical packaging capabilities, Amcor Rigid Plastics is making a US$20 million expansion of its bottle manufacturing operation in Orlando, Fla.

January 21, 2013 News

Nova restarts Ontario LDPE plant

by Canadian Plastics

After more than a year, Nova Chemicals Corporation has restarted its low-density polyethylene (LDPE) facility in Mooretown, Ont.

January 16, 2013 News

Value chain consortium addresses PET recycling issues

by Canadian Plastics

To identify solutions to the recent issues surrounding polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and full-wrap labels in the recycle stream, Eastman Chemical Company has organized a full-wrap label consortium.

January 16, 2013 News

Recycled PET bottler Ice River Springs Water buys Arrowhead for $1.65M

by Canadian Plastics

Ice River Springs Water Co. Inc. is acquiring all the assets of Arrowhead Water Products Ltd. for $1.65 million.

December 23, 2012 News

Recycling of post-consumer plastic across Canada increases by 24 per cent: CPIA

by Canadian Plastics

Aided by the addition of thermoformed polystyrene and polyester packaging and molded tubs and lids to some municipal collection programs, Canadians recycled an additional 24 per cent of plastic packaging and products in 2011 compared to 2010,…

December 19, 2012 News

Athena Automation partners with SIPA for PET preforms

by Canadian Plastics

In a move designed to expand product range and service organization in the PET market, injection molding machine and automation equipment manufacturer Athena Automation has formalized a partnership with Italy-based plastic container maker SIPA.

December 15, 2012 News

Ravego buys EPS producers

by Canadian Plastics

Ravago Holdings Americas, the U.S. operations of Belgian-based Ravago, has acquired two producers of expanded polystyrene (EPS), Monotez and Eastchem.

December 8, 2012 News

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics buys Twin Bay Medical

by Canadian Plastics

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has purchased Twin Bay Medical, a Michigan-based maker of BarbLock brand flexible tube retainers as well as single-use components for biopharmaceuticals manufacturing.

December 5, 2012 News

U.S. demand for post-consumer plastic rising: study

by Canadian Plastics

Demand for U.S. post-consumer recycled plastic is expected to rise 5.9 per cent annually to nearly 3.4 billion pounds in 2016, according to a new study by market research firm The Freedonia Group.

December 2, 2012 News

BWay Corporation to acquire Ropak

by Canadian Plastics

Rigid container maker BWay Corporation is buying Ropak Packaging in a deal valued at approximately US$265 million.

November 29, 2012 News

Toronto scraps plastic bag ban

by Canadian Plastics

Toronto City Council has decided not to proceed with a contentious ban on single-use plastic bags that was due to take effect on Jan. 1.

November 19, 2012 News

Industry associations mount legal challenges to Toronto’s plastic bag ban

by Canadian Plastics

Toronto’s proposed plastic bag ban is under legal challenge by a variety of industry associations.

November 14, 2012 News

Plasmatreat opens new Ontario sales and technical centre

by Canadian Plastics

Plasmatreat North America, a provider of surface treating technology for the plastics industry, has opened a new office in Ancaster, Ont.

November 1, 2012 News

Bag maker Hilex bought by Wind Point Partners

by Canadian Plastics

Hilex Poly Co LLC, described as the largest plastic bag manufacturer in North America, has been acquired by Chicago-based private equity firm Wind Point Partners.

November 1, 2012 Feature

In-Mold Assembly: All Together Now

by Mark Stephen, editor

If the manufacturing sector learned one thing from the Great Recession it might be this: get more efficient, fast. In multi-component injection molding, efficiency means eliminating secondary operations by assembling separate components in the…

November 1, 2012 Feature

Pipeline to the Facts

by Canadian Plastics

This time last year, we opened our fifth Extrusion Benchmark Survey by noting that the worst of the worst recession in living memory was behind us. Twelve months later, we’re fairly certain it’s true. But what do some of…

October 23, 2012 News

AEP buys films business of Quebec’s Transco Plastics

by Canadian Plastics

Film and sheet manufacturer AEP Industries Inc., and its Canadian subsidiary AEP Canada Inc., is buying the assets of Quebec-based flexible packager Transco Plastics Industries Ltd. for approximately US$5.3 million.

October 18, 2012 News

Amcor sells three Australia plants to Integrated Packaging

by Canadian Plastics

Global packaging company Amcor Ltd. has announced the sale of three of its Australian flexible packaging plants.

October 1, 2012 News

BPA safe for food packaging: Health Canada

by Canadian Plastics

Canada has upheld its stance on BPA (bisphenol A), deeming it safe for food packaging, despite banning it from baby bottles.