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Nova Chemicals announces new sustainability strategy

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The Calgary-based chemical maker's new six-pronged sustainability commitment is designed to help eliminate plastic waste.

In a move to help eliminate plastic waste, Calgary-based Nova Chemicals Corp. has announced its enhanced long-term sustainability commitment.

In a statement, Nova outlined the six components of its new strategy:

  • First, commitment to a plastics circular economy: “Working with our industry and associations to ensure 100 per cent of plastics packaging is recyclable or recoverable by 2030; and 100 per cent of plastics packaging is re-used, recycled or recovered by 2040,” Nova said.
  • Second, a focus on climate care: “Responsibly managing our environmental emissions, with a particular focus on greenhouse gases through a portfolio of emissions reduction initiatives.”
  • Third, sustainability citizenship: “Collaborating and providing leadership to select challenges and opportunities that promote natural resource conservation and in particular ocean health,” Nova said. “As a responsible global citizen, we commit to invest up to $15 million (USD) over the next five years through engagements with organizations focused on ocean health, while also continuing to make a difference in the quality of life in the communities where we have a presence.”
  • Fourth, ensuring sustainability in operations: “Enhancing sustainability in all facets of our operations, with a particular focus on water, land, air, and waste elimination,” Nova said.
  • Fifth, becoming a sustainability collaborator: “Actively pursuing collaboration with partners to develop new and emerging sustainability technologies and innovations.”
  • And sixth, sustainability design and integration: “Embedding sustainability throughout our entire company, including leadership, organizational design, decision making, actions, strategy, systems and processes,” Nova said.

“We know that plastics add great value to society and have many environmental benefits, and we believe businesses like ours can be a positive catalyst for change to address post-use challenges and concerns,” Nova president and CEO Todd Karran said in the statement. “Sustainability has been a part of our heritage for many decades, and I’m proud and excited that we’re pushing ourselves even further to do our part in shaping a world that is even better tomorrow than it is today.”



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