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Nominations still open for 2012 CPIA industry awards

Nominations remain open for the annual Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) industry awards.

March 13, 2012   Canadian Plastics

Nominations remain open for the annual Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) industry awards.

Designed to shine the spotlight on outstanding Canadian individuals or companies for their commitment and dedication to the plastics industry, award-winners will receive a customized recognition award, industry media coverage (including in Canadian Plastics magazine), exposure on the CPIA’s website, and company use of the CPIA award logo.

Topping the award categories is the “Leader of the Year” award, given out since 1966 to individuals widely recognized as having made important contributions to their businesses, to their communities and to Canada’s plastics Industry. 

The “Recycled Plastic Product” award is given out for companies whose product or packaging has been produced in Canada and contains at least 20 per cent post-use plastics collected for recycling. Nominees may be brand owners manufacturing consumer, commercial, industrial and institutional products, retailers manufacturing their own branded products as well as plastic companies manufacturing plastic products or plastic packaging.


The “Plastics Innovator of the Year” award will go to the person or company that’s contributed to the expansion of the Canadian plastic industry, through advancement of plastic technology. Nominee’s innovations would be in the areas of materials, product or process technologies; nominees may be in industry, academia, government or non-profit organizations.

The “Plastics Stewardship” award is given out to individuals or organizations that during the year have contributed to the enhancement of the Canadian plastic industry’s stewardship and sustainability. Nominee’s contributions would be for efforts to expand waste diversion and post-use recovery of plastics; nominees may be in the industry, academia, government or non-profit organizations.

Finally, the “Plastics Newcomer of the Year” award goes to “rookies” to Canada’s plastics industry that have made significant contributions; in addition to showcasing their work, the award is intended to create a platform for attraction of new talent to the industry. 

Nominations can be submitted at this link.

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