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CAMM, Automate Canada looking for new president

The position will be responsible for successfully aligning the visions, missions, and commitments of the associations.

February 12, 2021   Canadian Plastics

The Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) and Automate Canada are looking for someone to fill the contract position of president, CAMM and Automate Canada.

Windsor, Ont.-based CAMM created Automate Canada in 2019 as the name for the national automation arm of their association. Automate Canada is a global cluster of companies specializing in manufacturing automation solutions.

“The [new position of president] will be responsible for successfully aligning the visions, missions, and commitments of the associations, and such other duties as the board of directors may determine,” the groups said in a news release. “Consideration will be given to an experienced businessperson in not-for-profit governance and for-profit business management in manufacturing, moldmaking, and/or industrial automation.”

Specifically, the responsibilities of the president will include leading strategic planning initiatives, while working closely with the board of directors of CAMM and Automate Canada; liaising effective member engagement; being accountable for membership, revenue growth and sustainability; working with both elected officials and policy makers at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to support associations initiatives; handling marketing and public relations; encouraging the development and adoption of technology; acting as a principal spokesperson for CAMM and Automate Canada; and identifying/supporting export opportunities.


Interested candidates should apply to: by Friday, Feb. 26, 2021.

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