Versatile temperature/ process contollerShinko North America displayed at Expoplast a dual display DIN rail mount temperature/ process controller. The model DCL is designed to be mounted to a standard...

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December 1, 2002 by Canadian Plastics

Versatile temperature/ process contoller

Shinko North America displayed at Expoplast a dual display DIN rail mount temperature/ process controller. The model DCL is designed to be mounted to a standard DIN rail, and can be used in 24V AC/DC, or 100-240V AC control systems. It displays both the set point and process variable.

The unit offers true multi-input capabilities. Input types are field selectable from voltage, current, thermocouple, or resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s). This versatility allows the DCL to be used as either a process controller, or as a temperature controller.

The model DCL also offers the capabilities of being used as a temperature transmitter, when ordered with the current output. The DCL then becomes an inexpensive, yet effective, temperature transmitter, with localized digital display, and communications capabilities

With the RS-485 option, the DCL allows for even more versatility. Up to 31 units can be connected to offer sophisticated multi-zone temperature/process control capabilities.

Shinko North America 888-297-6649

Central control for loaders

A microprocessor-based central control system for bulk loaders has been developed by M-tek, a division of Mould-tek Industries Inc. The T-LINK central system operates both weigh and non-weigh loaders and allows for control at each unit.

T-LINK control provides monitoring of actual materials consumption, inventory-per-loader, control fill by weight, time or volume switch.

The touch-screen central controller is based on a menu-driven format. It allows an operator access to all parameters for editing present data or entering new data. Communication between the main and individual controllers is by RS485 twisted pair wiring.

For further control, T-LINK can be coupled with M-tek’s exclusive T-COM2 software to permit remote two-way real time loader control through a PC.

Mould-tek Industries Inc. 416-285-5400

Industry’s first hand-held mechanical tester

Instron introduced at Expoplast an industry first: a hand-held mechanical tester capable of push-pull or tension-compression test modes. The In-Spec 2200 is equipped with a color, hand-held Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that monitors tests, captures results and easily connects to networks.

In push-pull mode, the force is reacted against the object itself, like pulling a connector off a PC board. In the tension-compression mode, the force is reacted against a built-in crosshead. In both cases, the tester applies load or displacement at known, repeatable speeds to ensure consistent testing and results.

Instron 800-461-9123

Job costing unique to plastics

Conforming to variables unique to the plastics industry, The Manufacturing Manager software from DTR Software International generates precise cost calculations while reducing data entry to develop quick, accurate quotations. TMM directly integrates job cost analysis with the bill of manufacture to streamline the quoting process.

Unlike standard quoting software packages, TMM’s costing model monitors regrind, scrap, purge and return of regrind to inventory to account for all materials involved in a job. Users can generate multiple BOMs to reflect different plant locations, with up to five product configurations per BOM.

The BOM function handles family and multi-cavity tools and workstation assignments for production scheduling. It links process, quality control and system notes with alternate routing, and also provides standard route sheets and process set-up sheets.

DTR Software International 904-281-1118

Mold-Masters spots need for higher-current controllers

Mold-Masters has introduced a new module for the Temp-Master TMMZ multi-zone temperature controller for high wattage manifold applications. This extremely reliable module is capable of running significantly higher currents than the standard QMOD, 15A per zone current capacity.

Engineers at Mold-Masters observed a frequent use of controllers for large manifolds that required more than 15 ampere per zone current capability. This fostered the design of this new board with larger, heavier components to handle the increased current load. By incorporating the “Serial Bus Control” structure, this module can be configured in any location on the backplane. This allows customers to hook-up their high current manifolds in any configuration on the tool.

This module is designed to be an easily upgradeable addition to the Temp-Master TMMZ when applications demand a high current capability. It is not designed to replace the very reliable and robust Temp-Master TMMZ QMOD, 15A per zone, but as an effective solution to the more costly and time-consuming alternatives when high wattage manifolds are utilized.

Mold-Masters 905-877-0185

More robot in smaller space

Ventax Robot’s Viper SE series (Patent Pending) features two high-end, groundbreaking side-entry robots that radically reduce operational space requirements — by as much as 50% compared with linear machines. The Viper SE’s Synchro-link arm operates with the reach of a side entry linear robot, but provides intrusion times as low as 0.6 seconds and precise multi-position centerline deposits. The arm’s proprietary capability to pass over itself and stop at specified points allows the Viper SE to be positioned within a 1 m x 1 m work envelope.

“The Viper side entry series is an exceptionally cost-effective way for companies to increase their production capacity,” says Rick Delogu, CEO.

The Viper 216 SE model is aimed at high-volume molders that require flexibility with space constraints on presses in the 300- to 600-ton range. By operating within a 1 m x 1 m inline press-side footprint, the Viper 216 SE is work-cell ready and mold mobile. With positioning features and castors, a floor lockdown system, guarding, onboard electrical panel and an optional integrated conveyor, the Viper 216 SE is one of the most comprehensive work-ready systems on the market. The Viper 216 SE can handle up to 25 online saved programs and has a mold identification screen for quick program changeovers.

The Viper 106 SE is ideal for high-volume dedicated molders that use regular or stack molds on presses ranging from 300- to 600-tons. When combined with Ventax’s high-speed processing modules, these robot cells can handle overall cycle times as low as 3 seconds.

Ventax Robot Inc. 800-440-2771