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Plast-Ex 2007 Technology Wrap-Up

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New welder and power supplies

Sonics & Materials Inc. is making two new pieces of equipment available: The X-Press 20 kHz integrated welder, and the GX Series power supplies.

The X-Press welder (pictured) is an all-in-one, super-rigid ultrasonic welding press with a built-in ultrasonic generator and microprocessor. The press features a single-piece rigid cast aluminum machine base and column hub, easy-access front panel pneumatic control and microprocessor keypad. Available in 1,200 and 2,200 watts and welding in digital time and/or constant energy modes, the X-Press is designed to provide maximum rigidity and user-friendly convenience in a single economical, space-saving unit.


The GX Series microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic power supplies feature state-of-the-art technological advances in control, increased power levels and ease of use. Designed for Sonics’s 40, 20 and 15 kHz welding frequencies, these ultrasonic generators are available in 4000, 2200, 1700, 1200 and 700 watts for Sonics’ ultrasonic welding presses and actuators (both new and existing models). All GX units come standard with automatic frequency tuning and include a convenient horn frequency display.

Sonics & Materials Inc. (Newtown, Conn.):; 203-270-4600

Interfaced Technologies Inc. (St. Catherine’s, Ont.); 905-988-9724


Small, rugged machine offers quick set-up

Demag’s 80 ton Multi V injection molding machine integrates several features in one structural unit to significantly reduces cycle times, production effort, energy consumption and floor space.

Setting up of the machine is simpler and faster compared to two “mono” machines. Featuring a full hydraulic clamping unit and a short overall length, the machine permits simultaneous ejector and secondary movements, and provides ample daylight to accommodate large molds.

Additionally, the rugged construction of the machine with stiffened platens and the fact that the moving platen is supported on the machine base all contribute to a high degree of precision and uniform force transmission. Freely programmable inputs and outputs permit external equipment to be linked up to form a fully automated production cell.

Demag Plastics Group (Strongsville, Ohio);; 440-876-8960

Stephen Sales Group (Markham, Ont.);


Fast all-electric machines for high precision parts

The next generation of artificial intelligence in injection molding machines, Milacron’s new all-electric Roboshot S2000i-B Series are designed for fast production of high precision parts. Featuring 330-mm/sec injection speed with 36-millisec response standard, the machines are also available with an optional shooter that accelerates at 500 mm/sec in less than 30 msec at 2.02G.

Additionally, a new moving-platen design produces more equal pressure distribution across the mold face. Fanuc’s new 310iS CNC control delivers fast control, high acceleration, fast injection and simultaneous sled-forward and clamp-close motions.

The Roboshot comes in five sizes from 55-330 tons.

Cincinnati Milacron (Burlington, Ont.);; 905-319-1919

Accuplast Solutions (Kirkland, Que.);; 514-630-0808


Extruder Rupture Disks for reliable emergency relief

Skylark Controls Inc.’s new CBP Extruder Rupture Disk is designed specifically for use in plastic extruders.

Each assembly consists of a stainless steel body and a rupture disk. The disk may be specified for primary relief in applications where pressure buildup can occur so rapidly that the response time of a relief valve is inadequate, such as in a polymerization reaction vessel.

Extruder Rupture Disks instantaneously rupture at a specific predetermined pressure range, and are designed to safely and effectively relieve built up pressure in a plastic extruder at a given pressure. They are available in pressure ranges from 1,500 to 9,500 psi, and have an intrinsically safe design.

Additional benefits include a leak-tight seal, low installation and maintenance cost, melt temperatures of up to 750 Fahrenheit, and accuracy of +/- 5 per cent.

Skylark Controls Inc. (Toronto, Ont.);; 416-444-6614


Syscon-PlantStar unveils two new products

Syscon-PlantStar showed two new products for the plastics processing industry at the Plast-Ex show.

QuickShot is a production monitoring, planning and scheduling system, and the new bar code module provides user-definable bar code labels. QuickShot is a low-cost, entry-level, real-time system that provides information on plant performance, scheduling tools, production reporting and data storage and retrieval. The system can improve production, eliminate manufacturing bottlenecks and provide detailed information on manufacturing performance.

The new bar code software module allows the user to define bar codes to suit both customer and internal needs. Key information such as serial numbers, material lot numbers and operator codes can be printed on the label. The system also offers complete traceability of product, manufacturing conditions and more.

Syscon International (South Bend, Ind.);

Control Solutions Inc. (Brampton, Ont.); 905-458-8382


SLS rapid prototyping in colour

In response to customer demand, 3-D Prototype Design Inc. has developed a process that provides a colour finish to functional selective laser sintering (SLS) nylon parts, which was demonstrated at the Plast-Ex show.

SLS parts are created in nylon directly from a CAD file and perform in the same fashion as an injected part, with the ability to drill, tap, snap fit, assemble and form functioning hinges and springs, even for products as fragile as pinwheels.

3-D Prototype Design Inc. (New Hamburg, Ont.);; 416-894-2800

Colour matching software for metallic, pearlescent and effect colours

The latest version of the Match Pigment software from Datacolor contains an all-new module for metallic, pearlescent and effect colours, and is designed to deliver a more efficient colour matching process and greater overall productivity for plastics manufacturers and their suppliers by allowing users to match and correct from one convenient screen.

Match Pigment software increases productivity with automated, easy-to-use functions such as one-click target measurement; advanced profiling that considers millions of pigment combinations; and live data operation that offers the ability to change anything and view the corresponding colourimetric effect immediately.

Additionally, the software helps plastics processors in ways not possible before by delivering the ability to match reflected and transmitted spectra simultaneously, and by allowing integration with Datacolor spectrophotometers.

Datacolor (Lawrenceville, N.J.);; 609-924-2189

Prism Instruments (Pickering, Ont.);; 905-428-9805

Expanded testing services

Cambridge Materials Testing have added to their testing capabilities in several areas.

They have expanded their services for the packaging industry with the addition of child resistance closure (CRC) testing performed in accordance with CSA Z76.1 Standard.

Additionally, they have expanded their thermal
characterization capabilities with a new thermogravimetric analyser (TGA) which provides thermal degradation properties of resin materials; and have also acquired a new state-of-the-art Varian 725 ES inductively coupled Argon plasma spectrophotometer (pictured) in order to increase lab productivity and decrease turnaround times for elemental analysis, which is used to characterize filler and inorganic matter in resin materials.

The company is also involved in certification testing complying with Canadian and US standards for the innovative building products industries, including composite decking and railing systems.

Cambridge Materials Testing Ltd. (Cambridge, Ont.);; 905-621-6600

(Mississauga, Ont.); 905-812-3856


New generation of temperature controllers offer outstanding performance

HASCO’s temperature controller family has been extended with the new generation of Multi-Zone Controllers Z1230/…

The base unit, which is supplied in three variants, consists of a sturdy switchboard cabinet mounted on rollers and was conceived primarily for the temperature control of multi-cavity hot runner systems. Comfortable PC operation with a touch-screen, which can be removed if required, provides optimum comfort and clarity with included user guidance. Suited for harsh manufacturing conditions, this version can cope with practical conditions, with a budget-priced operator panel, foil keyboard and optional software.

The additional software can be installed on any PC or laptop running the Windows operating system, and the controller can be used without the touch-screen and operator panel. The comprehensive diagnostic and protocol functions provide advantages in the testing and start-up of complex hot runner molds. All parameters can be easily saved and managed by extensive recording and reporting features.

The production process and possible errors are clearly listed and documented, allowing targeted fault finding. Long-term storage of this data also provides for optimum process monitoring and documentation in many protocols.

Standard functions include load circuit and sensor monitoring, current measurement, programmable soft start, combination heating up, setting operation, temperature elevation, and programmable parameters. Additional functions such as mold base store, error logbook, diagram display and a data interface on variants 1 and 3, and with the optional software also on variant 2, are available.

The connection is carried out via the power/signal cable Z 1225/ff… The units are supplied in six-zone increments between 48 and 96 zones.

HASCO Canada (Scarborough, Ont.);; 416-293-5044

Latest hot runner temperature controllers

Gammaflux LP displayed its latest LEC and TTC hot runner controller models at Plast-Ex. The LEC controller is available for applications with up to 24 zones of control. LEC provides molders with full-featured hot runner temperature control at a competitive price. Designed for smaller hot runner system applications, LEC is offered with 2, 6 and 12 zone enclosures. It also features a modular design for simple control card removal, addition or replacement.

The TTC family provides state-of-the-art performance for molding applications with up to 640 zones. This product features true global input power flexibility, and is designed for worldwide operation. The system is easy to use, with features such as fast startup, multiple language conversion options, universally accepted icons and security options.

Gammaflux L.P. (Sterling, Va.);; 800-284-4477

Control Solutions Inc. (Brampton, Ont.); 905-458-8382

Expanded programming for multitask machine tools

As multitask machines become standard equipment at more manufacturing companies, the need for systems that support the complexity of programming on these machine tools is needed. Delcam has recently completed the acquisition of International Manufacturing Computer Services Inc., the developer of the PartMaker suite of CAM software.

The company has also added the FeatureCAM Series, which offer solutions for job-shop machining, to complement its existing lines of PowerMILL, PowerSHAPE and ArtCAM tooling and prototype manufacturing products.

Delcam (Windsor, Ont.);; 877-335-2261


CyFrame offers Complete Process Monitoring

CyFrame International introduced the complete Siemens PLC process monitoring integration for its web-based ERP solution for plastic processors.

The new monitoring function goes beyond structured workflow and e-commerce capabilities. Through advanced technology, users visually monitor jobs moving from quotation to invoicing, building real-time costing, tracking scrap, and managing inventory and customer preferences while optimizing throughput.

All machine data is displayed and archived for operational transparency.

CyFrame International Enterprises Inc. (Montreal, Que.);; 866-293-7263


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