Canadian Plastics

Single-Serve Capsules

March 03 - March 04, 2020
1101 Woodlawn Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78628, USA

This conference brings together industry-elite speakers from the entire supply chain to evaluate and discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the single-serve capsules industry.

From a niche market, single-serve beverage capsules have grown to be one of the most important sub-applications of the ambient thin wall packaging segment in the past 5 years. This dynamic market segment has a complex value chain.

The American market has been pioneered by the Keurig system, which still commands a dominant market share. Nevertheless, the expiry of their design patents in 2012 brought about disruptive changes in the supply chain and the emergence of the compatible capsules segment. The market is also becoming more accommodating towards the espresso style systems, originating in Europe. While the changes created new opportunities for both end-users and converters to tap into this growing market segment, a more fragmented supply chain affects the overall profit pool and the way consumers make their choices.

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