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Ontario announces $37 million for training in advanced manufacturing, other industries

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The funding will support 86 projects and provide training in high-demand skills to more than 15,000 people.

The Ontario government is investing $37 million to help 15,000 residents receive “in-demand” skills training for skills training in a variety of industries – including advanced manufacturing – as the province’s economy looks to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding will go toward 86 projects to provide more than 15,000 people with training for new jobs or upgrading their existing skills.

The province says the programs will include internships and other hands-on learning experiences and that the training will be free in most cases.

Some funding recipient highlights include $954,000 for the Ford Motor Company outpost in Oakville, Ont. to create as many as 244 co-op learning spots for college and university students looking to gain hands-on experience in manufacturing, vehicle connectivity and business operations


“As part of our government’s made-in-Ontario plan for growth, renewal and economic recovery, we are making multi-billion-dollar infrastructure investments in transit, highway, and broadband projects,” Premier Doug Ford said in a Sept. 3 statement. “To get the job done, we need to train as many electricians, welders, carpenters, and other skilled workers as we can. [This] investment will ensure we have the right people rebuilding our province and contributing to our long-term success.”

The province is working to finalize agreements with training providers. The full list of successful recipients will be available on September 25, 2020.


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