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Flexible packager TC Transcontinental improves air quality with oxidizer

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A new regenerative thermal oxider installed by Ship & Shore Environmental reduces emissions at the company's Richmond, B.C. plant by more than 90 per cent.

The Transcontinental Flexstar team and collaborators in the RTO installation.

Flexible packaging maker TC Transcontinental Packaging has collaborated with Ship & Shore Environmental Inc., a pollution abatement firm headquartered in California, to install a Regenerative Thermal Oxider (RTO) at its Transcontinental Flexstar plant in Richmond, B.C.

“The RTO removes the volatile organic compounds and air pollutants that are discharged through our process exhausts, thereby improving air quality both indoors and outdoors and significantly reducing our environmental footprint,” said Mike Aves, director of operations for Transcontinental Flexstar.

The installation of the 50,000 SCFM Ship & Shore RTO means that Transcontinental Flexstar is the first flexible packaging plant in the B.C. Lower Mainland to install a pollution abatement system of this caliber, Transcontinental Flexstar said.

According to Marc Bray, Transcontinental Flexstar’s general manager, the regenerative thermal oxider reduces the plant’s emissions by more than 90 per cent.


Headquartered in Montreal, TC Transcontinental Packaging specializes in flexographic printing, lamination of plastic films, and converting, including bags and pouches.


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