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M. Holland now offers Braskem’s PE and PP 3D printing filament

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M. Holland's 3D printing clients now have access to polyethylene and glass fiber reinforced polypropylene filaments from Braskem.

Thermoplastic resin supplier M. Holland Co. has added 3D printing filaments from Brazilian chemical maker Braskem SA to its product portfolio.

“[Our] 3D printing clients now have access to polyethylene and glass fiber reinforced polypropylene  filaments,” M. Holland officials said in a Sept. 8 news release. “Both materials deliver high printability, reduced warpage and shrinkage, and better interlayer adhesion than other filament options in the 3D printing market.”

“When 3D printing with PE materials, many of our clients have reported an array of technical difficulties including warping, inconsistent finishes and deficient technical properties,” said Carlos Aponte, M. Holland’s market manager, 3D printing. “Braskem’s PE material provides an incredible level of thermal stability that makes the material consistent and significantly easier to print. This PE formulation is groundbreaking, and it’s now readily available for our clients.”

M. Holland’s clients also have access to Braskem’s glass fiber reinforced FL500PP-GF filament, the release said, which has superior surface finish and mechanical properties, and can be used in a wide variety of applications including military and defense, jigs and fixtures, industrial manufacturing tools, and more.


“High-quality, easy-to-print PE and PP formulas are in high demand. Our specially formulated PE and glass fiber reinforced PP materials are ideal for many 3D printing applications in the injection molding world,” said Jason Vagnozzi, commercial director of additive manufacturing at Braskem. “These materials can help M. Holland’s clients and business partners realize their additive manufacturing goals.”

M. Holland is headquartered in Northbrook, Ill.


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