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Plast-Ex 2004 Show-In-Print: Materials


April 1, 2004   Canadian Plastics


Launched only last year, DuPont’s Shine-E Rynite thermoplastic polyester is meeting the growing need for super-gloss thermoplastic with good color stability and structural strength to replace painted metal parts in automotive and consumer applications. Shine-E Rynite has a very comfortable margin of resistance to paint oven conditions, as high as 200C for 30 minutes, which makes the material compatible with current E-coat ovens. The material also offers excellent dimensional stability, which is crucial in designing precision fit and finish.

“On-line painting overcomes a major hurdle in plastic exterior panels because it greatly simplifies color matching and cuts total costs too,” says Dave Ritchey, Rynite global business manager. “The paintability and structural properties of Shine-E Rynite allows automakers to replace more sheet metal to reduce weight and gain major cost and styling benefits.”

DuPont Canada 800-268-3943


Brenntag Canada Inc. has an extensive portfolio of color and additive concentrates, plastic resins and specialty compounds available through sales offices and warehouses located coast to coast. The company manufactures its own premium quality custom color concentrates, dry colors, additives packages and specialty compounds that are offered in the market under the trade name Colorwel. The company also distributes resins and specialty compounds made by world-class producers.

Brenntag Canada Inc. 416-259-8231


Heritage Plastics is introducing Minapol additive technology, an innovative and emerging technology delivered in the form of pelletized mineral concentrates. Minapol additives increase productivity of most polyolefin systems by increasing the material’s thermal conductivity and by decreasing the overall energy requirements of the process. When processes are heat transfer limited, the result is an increase in output rates of 15 to 40%, via reduced molding cycle time or increased extrusion line speed.

With proper selection of mineral-resin combinations, Minapol additive technology can also improve key physical properties. Dart impact strength of LLDPE and HMW-HDPE films can be increased by over 50% using Minapol additives, without a loss in yield strength or tear strength. In polypropylene injection molding applications, significant reduction in thermal expansion/contraction and mold shrinkage are typical when Minapol additives are used.

Heritage Plastics Inc. 800-245-4623


Teknor Apex’s Vinyl Division is introducing new compounds for profile extrusion. The profile compounds provide higher throughput at the relatively low temperatures required for complex or heavy-walled products. Three series of products, each with multiple grades varying by hardness, will be available: Apex 2000 clear compounds; Apex 2500 lightly mineral-filled; and Apex 3000 moderately mineral-filled.

Additionally, the company will feature three recently introduced flexible vinyl products exhibited in Canada for the first time. Apex 80853F is an insulation compound for industrial equipment, control wire, appliance wire and outdoor cord. A series of compounds for medical devices exhibit greater resistance to heat-generated discoloration or degradation than conventional medical-grade PVC. Designed for flexible outdoor products such as hose and pond liners, the FreeFlex 4002 series compounds are plasticizer-free, providing greater resistance to embrittlement than conventional plasticized PVC.

Teknor Apex 800-556-3864


Atofina has broadened its line of metallocene-based Finacene PE resins for a variety of blown- and cast-film applications. Finacene ER 2277 has outstanding clarity and toughness. Its density is higher than most m-LLDPE grades, so it adds stiffness to films for easier converting and printing. The higher molecular weight of ER 2281 gives it outstanding toughness and strength suitable for industrial applications. Grade ER 2279 is designed for cast film. It extrudes at high speeds with excellent gauge uniformity, minimal edge bead and low neck-in.

Atofina Canada Inc. 800-567-5726


Kal-Trading is a highly reliable, well-networked supplier of prime, virgin, repelletized, regrind and compounded plastic raw materials. With its large, new state-of-the-art facility in Mississauga, ON, Kal-Trading has emerged as a one-stop shop for both engineering and commodity thermoplastics. The facility contains in-house blending equipment, packaging operations and test facilities. The company sells a complete range of commodity and engineering grade resins, including prime and wide-spec materials from Phillips, PolyOne, Bayer, DuPont and Dow.

Kal-Trading Inc. 905-273-7400


Kenrich will exhibit patented Ken-React Titanate, Zirconate and Aluminate coupling agent additive technology for the production of thermoplastic materials and parts with improved performance properties. Literature and examples will be on display. The Ken-React products are being offered in three forms: 100% active liquids, 65% active powders and 20% active pellets.

Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc. 800-542-2574

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