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Moog has introduced a 100 point parison controller for the North American blow molding market. For use on continuous extrusion, accumulator head or reciprocating screw machines, Moog's ParCon parison ...

Moog has introduced a 100 point parison controller for the North American blow molding market. For use on continuous extrusion, accumulator head or reciprocating screw machines, Moog’s ParCon parison controller has quick profile set-up capability for more efficient production start-ups.

ParCon ensures accurate wall thickness distribution and enhances precision and repeatability. A 100 or 200 point version controls up to three parison heads, with six profiles that can be used in any combination across the parison head. It provides real-time display of actual versus set profile.

Moog Inc. 716/655-3000

Compact granulator inherently quiet


A new compact housing makes the re-designed Blackfriars Model 320/150 Low Level Granulator ideal for beside-the-press applications. The unit has a large internal collection bin designed for connection to hopper loaders.

The Model 320/150 is part of Blackfriars’ “Quiet” range of inherently low-noise granulators, and can be supplied with a sound-deadening enclosure. A variety of feed hoppers accommodate long profiles, injection molded parts, blow molded parts and hot melt.

Louis P. Batson Inc. 864/242-5262

High efficiency heat transfer fluid

Paratherm’s OR heat transfer fluid is an oxidation-resistant, food-grade transfer fluid suitable for controlling temperatures in molds, barrels, dies, screws, platens and calender rolls.

In laboratory tests, OR fluid remained oxidation free the longest by a large margin compared with four other oxidation-resistant fluids. This capability makes it a good choice for closed-loop thermal oil systems where fluids are more than occasionally exposed to air.

OR fluid also provides high thermal efficiency (600F) and extremely low viscosity, meaning less horsepower is required and a smaller pump and motor can be specified.

Paratherm Corp. 800/222-3611

Real-time machine monitoring

How well are your machines running? VisualMEM from CimWorks GageTalker captures critical cycle time, maintenance and production information directly off the machines and organizes the information in a way that is useful to production and maintenance managers.

Information is presented in color-coded on-screen real-time displays as well as a large variety of reports for plant analysis and troubleshooting.

“Armed with this information, manufacturers can make adjustments to their production process and achieve payback within as little at three months,” says Eric Berg, president and CEO of CimWorks GageTalker.

CimWorks GageTalker 800/955-7100

Improved display zooms in on film defects

Eurotherm Gauging Systems has enhanced its PC-based System 21 product to allow gauging system users to take full advantage of the high resolution capabilities of the company’s measurement sensor family, including SpectraBeam infrared measurement sensors and Microbeam thin film measurement sensors.

Until now, the resolution of these product sensors exceeded the ability of PC monitors to display all the measurement data. With the new Twin Zoom display, operators and process engineers have a powerful tool for viewing or magnifying any two portions of a cross-machine profile. This enhancement expands on the existing high resolution 1000-point profile and magnifies critical portions of it up to eight times.

Eurotherm Gauging Systems 978/663-0089


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