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Dawn taps Clariant Masterbatches for heat-resistant colour...

Dawn taps Clariant Masterbatches for heat-resistant colour

When the tap component of Dawn Industries’ Kwik-Tap connector for irrigation systems kept emerging from the mold in increasingly darker shades, the firm turned to Clariant Masterbatches for assistance.

Clariant determined that the colour instability was caused by poor heat-resistance; if the right colourant and stabilizers aren’t used, the colour degrades during reprocessing.

Clariant supplied a different colourant and a different silicone lubricant additive — the material Dawn had used prior had lubricant concentrate pellets blended in with the base material. However, the silicone did not disperse evenly, causing even more processing inconsistency. To eliminate this obstacle, Clariant compounded the silicone additive into the resin.


Although the new material Clariant supplied darkened slightly after the regrind was introduced, the colour quickly became stable and consistent, Dawn said.

Clariant Masterbatches Division (Toronto);; 416-847-7000

GLS TPE translates for U.S. military

GLS Corp.’s Versalloy XL9070X-9 thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) forms part of the U.S. military’s latest weapon, the Phraselator P2 — a one-way language translator from VoxTec International Inc., in Annapolis, Md.

A soldier simply speaks a phrase in English, such as ‘Put your hands up,’ ‘I’m here to help you,’ and ‘Show me where it hurts,’ and it is translated and repeated back through the speaker in Urdu, Arabic and other Middle Eastern dialects.

Manufactured using an overmolding/two-shot process, the GLS’ Versalloy XL9070X-9 TPE is overmolded onto the polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (PC/ABS) body of the unit.

The TPE is also used on the housing along both sides of the translating instrument and the base, as well as the battery door, audio jacks and two inner seals for waterproofing purposes.

Not only does the Versalloy grade adhere well to the PC/ABS, it also protects the Phraselator P2 from contamination by chemicals and oils, and provides good slip-resistance.

GLS Corp. (McHenry, Ill.);; 800-457-8777.

Puma boot protects ankles with TPE adjustable clamp

The ankles of 50 professional motorcycle racers from around the world are getting a safety boost now that they’re protected by the ‘1000’ motorcycle boot from Puma.

An injection-molded adjustable clamp made of a stiff yet elastic grade of Hytrel 6356 thermoplastic polyester elastomer is the boot’s core safety element.

This particular grade combines particularly high stiffness yet has enough elasticity to protect the ankle in case of an accident.

The safety-clamp arches over the ankle while also covering the lower part of the shin, providing optimal support for the ankle joint.

Additionally, an integrated catch prevents the ankle joint from turning beyond the medically-defined “angle of no return” — the point at which serious injury occurs. An additional shock-absorber in the heel limits the levels of compression placed on the ankle/lower-shin area during high-speed crashes.

Puma also selected Hytrel 6356 for its aesthetic appeal; it’s easy-to-process, simple to colour according to customer requirements and provides a scratch-resistant, high-gloss surface without any secondary treatment.

E.I. du Pont Canada Co. – Engineering Polymers Division (Mississauga, Ont.);; 905-821-5953


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