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By Cindy Macdonald, Associate Editor   

FENCING SOLUTIONS: Recent developments from American Maplan add to its range of extrusion products for the PVC fence market. A special dieblock which produces square fenceposts replaces the more traditional method of stretching the extruded...

FENCING SOLUTIONS: Recent developments from American Maplan add to its range of extrusion products for the PVC fence market. A special dieblock which produces square fenceposts replaces the more traditional method of stretching the extruded profile into a square shape with a calibration system. American Maplan’s solution uses a square pin and bushing for high-volume extrusion of square fence posts. It assures even distribution of capstock on the fence post.

In downstream equipment, American Maplan has developed a unique calibration system for fence profiles. It uses a wet sizing sleeve with a high-intensity cooling ring to form high tolerance radii on finished products. According to the company, the wet sizing sleeve is a major improvement over standard dry calibration techniques, since it minimizes the excessive plating that occurs with dry calibration in high-output applications.

American Maplan 620-241-6843

FOR PRECISION PULLING and cutting of flexible and rigid tubing, and profiles up to 4 in. wide, Conair offers a compact puller/cutter unit. Equipped with a highly accurate and repeatable servo motor, the combination design reduces alignment problems. An inline gear reducer in the cutting section improves torque, while reducing maintenance associated with belt and pulley designs.


Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577; Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0306

A PROGRAMMABLE length cutter suitable for upgrading or retrofitting downstream extrusion equipment is now available from Acetronic. The LC48 length cutter counter is available as a standard counter or a batch counter. The programmable cutter is packaged with an encoder and measurement wheel which is in contact with the material to be cut.

Acetronic Industrial Controls Inc. 800-803-8871

AKRON MILACRON has expanded its PAK line of extruders to include a 10 in. diameter model, the PAK 1000. PAK single screw extruders are delivered completely assembled, prewired and tested, for fast installation and dependable performance. The units are designed for easy access to the barrel and heaters without removing the hopper. In addition, they are equipped with a long-life, bi-metallic barrel.

Accuplast Solutions 866-630-0808

A LOW-COST touch screen control system for American Kuhne extruders provides real-time process data trending and storage for up to 100 recipes. A multi-loop temperature control rack is used to control extruder barrel and die temperatures. The control system also monitors multiple analog parameters, such as temperature, pressures and vacuum levels. It can be coordinated with a control for the puller drive, and has an optional pressure control loop for the melt pump.

RoMark Technologies Corp. 416-923-3782

A DUAL DOWNSTREAM extrusion line from CDS allows processors to double extruder output while maximizing investment return on downstream equipment. The line is fully synchronized yet each machine can operate independently. “Movements, speed, x-y adjustments – all the features can be changed independently,” explains Antonio Pecora of CDS. Pecora notes that dual extrusion lines are currently more common in European operations, but are growing in popularity in North America.

CDS’ dual cleated haul-off is designed to provide accurate, dependable pulling force for large rigid profiles, such as decking, fence and window lineals. It is paired with a dual vacuum calibration table, and two servo-driven travelling cut-off saws. The dual tilt and collection table has pneumatically activated tilt action, controlled by either an electronic timer, a mechanical limit switch or a photo-optic sensor.

CDS 514-633-5933



In the year since its market introduction, Davis-Standard’s “Super Blue” extruder has lived up to its promise of value, high performance and fast delivery. Plastics Extrusions, Inc., a division of LTI Flexible Products, of Elkhart, IN, was one of the first to purchase a Super Blue. The 3 1/2-in. (90 mm) extruder supplied with Davis-Standard’s barrier screw technology has more than tripled the company’s production rate for its largest profile from 3 ft./min. to 10 ft./min. (0.9 to 3 m/min).

The Super Blue processes a variety of low durometer vinyl, engineered thermoplastics and vulcanates for Plastics Extrusions’ trim and seal products sold to the RV, marine and automotive aftermarket industries.

“In the past we’ve sacrificed throughput because of the low durometer and processing parameters of the materials we run,” said Norm Newhouse, general manager at Plastics Extrusions. “The Super Blue processes these materials so efficiently that it has provided additional capacity without additional capital investment.”

The Super Blue extruder is available in 2-in. (50 mm), 2 1/2-in. (65 mm), 75 mm and 3 1/2-in. (90 mm) sizes, each with a 24:1 L/D ratio. The extruder is equipped with a low noise, high torque double-reduction gearbox; cast aluminum finned heaters bolted to the barrel; an AC drive and motor; and a high capacity air cooling system.

Design features include a rigid base with structural steel construction; a wear-resistant bimetallic barrel designed for 10,000 psi operating pressure with removable barrel flange, rupture disc and pressure transducer; a modular, “inverted-L” style control panel for improved accessibility; and a gear drive reducer with heavy-wall, two-piece iron housing and single helical gearing.

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577; Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0306


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