Canadian Plastics


Cool to be Hot

Husky's stack hot runners, available in hot tip and valve gate configurations of up to 2x128, ensure output requirements are met. The company's Ultra Nozzle designs allow for optimized plate cooling to reduce cycle times. Unlike systems with cold clearance designs, Husky's UltraSeal spring package technology guarantees leak-proof operation across a wide processing window, and provides additional security at start-up. Melt channel sizing is optimized for every application and a full range of flow simulation services are offered for more complex applications. The patented UltraFlow mixing nozzle provides rapid color changes and can significantly reduce time and resin usage required for colour change, resulting in direct cost savings. A high output closure molder retrofited four molds to UltraFlow tips, and improved black to yellow colour change in a 96-cavity mold from 200 to 86 shots, resulting in over $200,000 savings per year.