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Blow Molding (June 01, 2004)

Trackers take cost and weight from production...

June 1, 2004   Canadian Plastics

Trackers take cost and weight from production

Uniloy Milacron’s three new, bigger Tracker T-1000, T-2300 and T-2900 blow molding machines allow part lengths to 120 in. (3000 mm), part weights to 100 lb. (45 kg), and plasticizing rates to 3000 lb./hr. (1300 kg/hr). Modular components enable machine customization, while creative engineering maximizes platen size within a space-saving footprint. The advanced designs use Milacron’s PC-based XTREEM XP control and noise-immune fiber-optic cabling for superior dependability in a factory setting, with proprietary Quality Tracking Software (QTS) providing closed-loop control on parison push-out speed and accumulator head refill.

In addition to the three new Tracker models, Milacron introduced a complete new line of accumulator heads in a range of 10-50 lb. (4.5-22 kg). Key features of the new heads include ability to accept oversized tooling for a given shot size, fixed spiral design, quick color change and increased push-out rates.

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