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Compact granulator for small IMMs The small but powerful Mini Goliath granulator from Moditec is sized to operate beside the press on small injection molding machines. The entire unit, including a pol...

Compact granulator for small IMMs

The small but powerful Mini Goliath granulator from Moditec is sized to operate beside the press on small injection molding machines. The entire unit, including a polycarbonate hopper, measures 17.5 in. x 15 in. x 11 in.

These low-speed (25 rpm) granulators can handle sprues with a maximum diameter of 8 mm. The Mini 1 has a 134 mm x 114 mm cutting chamber, while the Mini 2’s chamber measures 134 mm x 176 mm. Both models have a 0.5 hp motor.

Plastics Machinery Inc. 905-895-5054


Temperature and pressure control in one

RKC Instrument offers dual loop controllers with a strain-gauge type resin pressure input and 24V DC transmitter power supply for direct connection to transducers. One loop is used for strain gauge input, while the other controls temperature input.

The HA430 and HA930 Series controllers are panel mounted with a large, bright LED display. Both are suitable for resin pressure control in extrusion.

The units have a high-speed sampling and control time of 0.025 s, with PID and other parameters settable in 1/100th units. In addition, the units have an infrared port for communication with PDA devices.

RKC Instruments 574-273-6099

Economical, portable CMM

Faro Technologies has introduced its most inexpensive portable co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), the Advantage Series. The Advantage FaroArm pricing will start at $19,900 in the U.S.

The Advantage FaroArm retains the ergonomics and portability of the company’s Platinum and Titanium FaroArms, but suits applications with lower tolerance requirements. It comes ready-to-measure with a mounting plate, two hard probes, and a case.

Faro hardware product manager Shaun Mymudes says the Advantage FaroArm will give shops the power to perform advanced measurements, CAD-to-part comparisons and reverse engineering.

Faro Technologies Inc. 800-736-0234

Smooth material flow for single screw feeders

A new screw speed modulation algorithm developed by K-Tron International is said to improve short-term feeder accuracy on single screw feeders by up to a factor of 2. The new algorithm is part of K-Tron’s SmartConnex gravimetric feeder control software.

Single screw feeders, particularly at low rates, can have an unsteady feed rate within one revolution of the screw, resulting in mass flow pulsation. The new speed modulation algorithm records the periodical pulsation and adjusts screw speed just before there would be an “error”.

Processors feeding critical additives at low rates will find improved short-term accuracy with this control software.

K-Tron International 856-589-0500

Compact dryer for micro molding

For micro molding, Dri-Air Industries has developed a Micro Dryer that can dry as little as a few grams of resin. This compact, lightweight unit can be adapted to existing machine hoppers, or used with Dri-Air’s 5 lb. drying hopper.

Ordinary shop air is dried with desiccant media to provide dewpoints below -40 C. An automatic regenerating design assures a continuous stream of low dewpoint air.

Mould-tek Industries 416-285-5400

Versatile cast film line

The “Cast Iron” cast film line from Davis-Standard is designed to provide processors with a versatile and economical flat cast or embossed film alternative. The system is designed to produce 1.6 m finished rolls at processing rates of 250 to 300 kg/hr in monolayer or coextrusion applications.

Applications include cast film for CPP and stretch wrap, as well as embossed film for diaper backsheets and hygiene products.

System options include discrete temperature or EPIC controls, manual or automatic dies, corona treatment, plus gravimetric blending and rate control.

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577 Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0282

Barrier screw delivers lower melt temperature

An improved barrier screw called the Xaloy Fusion screw overcomes the limitations of previous barrier designs by delivering higher throughput at lower melt temperatures. It is suitable for both extrusion and injection molding.

“Throughput rates achieved with the Fusion screw in these trials (fractional melt index HDPE on a 3.5 in. extruder at 100 and 125 rpm) are up to 22% higher than those typically achieved with other barrier screws,” says Tim Womer, engineering manager at Xaloy/New Castle. “Melt temperatures are also relatively low, a key factor in the quality of extruded or molded products.”

A unique feature of the Fusion design is a chaotic mixing feature that homogenizes the melt with little or no increase in its average temperature. Mixing is achieved with an undulating root profile in the metering zone of the screw.

Dier International Plastics 905-474-9874


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