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CPIA Member Webinar – The Art of Finding Government Funding

April 14, 2016

No matter what role you play in your company, this is a value-added learning opportunity if you’re …
•exporting and/or seeking to further expand markets
•hiring staff
•seeking funding for upcoming projects

•What government relations is and how it can help your company
•General structure of government and why that is useful to know
•Why government relations works
•How government relations can help when applying for funding
•Application writing process and best practices
•Where to find government funding
•What your company needs to write a good application

After the economic down turn of 2008-20 Canadian governments made plans to rectify the severe hit the manufacturing sector by providing programs to help stimulate economic growth and create jobs.

The problem for this sector has always been finding the time to get to know the programs, the eligibility requirements and the right places to find information on them – this, before even attempting to put resources into applying for funding.

CPIA is proud to present “The Art of Finding Government Funding”, compiled by BGC Barell Government Consulting Inc. BGC is a government relations firm that focuses on advocacy, business development and application writing for the Manufacturing, Health and not-for-profit sectors.

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