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Routsis offers in-person and online certification programs for individual or company-wide training in injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding.

Processing machinery and auxiliary equipment supplier Plastics Machinery Inc. (PMI), of Newmarket, Ont., is now the territory sales manager for Routsis Training Inc. in Canada.

“We’re handling all their sales for Canada, and we’re doing training here as well,” said PMI vice president Todd Billinger. “We can do the training at our own facility or at the customer’s shop on their own equipment. The in-person training is usually between a two- and four-day process.”

Founded in 1982, Dracut, Mass.-based Routsis offers both in-person and online certification programs for training in injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding, either individually or company-wide. Earlier this year, Routsis launched its Professional Certification Training Portals – or “Cert Portals,” as they’re called – that combine over 25 hours of online training with a certification exam that evaluates the candidate’s understanding of important concepts that directly relate to their jobs. Each Cert Portal is configured to run two separate training tracks: a fundamental “101” course, and a professional certification course.

Image Credit: Routsis Training Inc.

“Routsis’ online training is similar to a subscription service in that it can renewed annually,” Billinger said. “This means that it’s always available for skills upgrading, or in case of employee turnover – which is obviously very common these days – so that a new employee can be trained without any additional cost. Whether it’s done in-person or online, the Routsis certification is valuable: it sharpens a company’s competitive edge and shows their customers that they’re committed to continuous quality improvement.”



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