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Canadian Plastics Sector Council officially shuts down

The Canadian Plastic Sector Council (CPSC) officially closed its doors on March 31.

April 1, 2013   Canadian Plastics

The Canadian Plastic Sector Council (CPSC) officially closed its doors on March 31.

Established 10 years ago through the Sectoral Partnerships Initiative program of Human Resources Social Development Canada (HRSDC), the Ottawa-based CPSC was a partnership of employers and employees in the industry, designed to enhance the competitiveness of the Canadian plastics sector nationally and internationally by helping to ensure that there is a sufficient number of appropriately qualified human resources.

“In July 2011, HRSDC informed the sector councils that core funding and related project funds will be phased out by March 2013,” CPSC said in a statement earlier this year. “HRSDC’s decision to cut funding to the sector council program severely affects the sustainability and programs of the CPSC moving forward. CPSC will not be able to continue their research or project development without this funding.”

CPSC produced a wide variety of material and tools dedicated to the human resources sector of the plastic processing industry and will be providing members of the industry access to their online tools, resources, and website materials until October 2014, at this link. This legacy includes the results of the councils final report on the 2012 Update of the Labour Market Information and HR Planning analysis completed earlier this year.


“The council would like to thank the CPSC staff for their skills, expertise and dedicated commitment to the organization’s mandate and to the valuable industry partners they collaborated with over the years. CPSC also recognizes the support from the Government of Canada Sector Council Program and thanks them for their contribution,” said CPSC executive director Amelia Siva. “We would like to wish all our members and industry partners continued success in their business, and hope they will find the resources we provided over the years a valuable foundation for years to come,”

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