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NPE2024 Product Preview: Cutting-edge factory automation from Muller Technology

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A Mobile Manipulator from Muller Technology.

Muller Technology (NPE booths S12171 and W727) is offering new factory automation solutions designed to bridge the labour shortage gap in the plastics processing industry while also delivering greater versatility, flexibility, efficiency, and productivity.

Muller has expanded beyond traditional downstream automation, offering new Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Mobile Manipulators (MoMas) which significantly improve productivity, reduce OSHA recordable events, and can run seven days a week/24 hours a day for a great return on investment.

Muller will introduce its Mobile Manipulator (MoMa) which boasts innovative designs and unparalleled versatility. These cutting-edge manipulators are an AMR combined with a collaborative robot (Cobot) including a vision-based end-of-arm tool. They are capable of operating in microprocessor clean rooms, offering customers unmatched efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and cost reductions. The MoMa is a versatile solution that automates not only transportation of goods but also complex operations such as picking items from shelves, assembling components, or placing delicate objects. They are integrated into the automation process as an AMR with a purpose-built top to transport empty or full boxes or pallets around your shop to improve your operational throughput, or to perform repetitive assembly processes and then moving the goods towards the warehouse or truck.

The company has launched AMRs into their portfolio of products as a Certified System Integrator for Omron products which play a crucial role in improving manufacturing and logistics processes while significantly increasing the flexibility of production areas. AMRs minimize health and safety risks in warehouses and factories, serving as a valuable complement to drive efficiency and cost reductions in modern manufacturing and logistics processes.



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