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Rockwell Automation buys Ontario’s Clearpath Robotics

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Clearpath specializes in manufacturing autonomous mobile robots.

In a move that strengthens its portfolio in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), industrial automation supplier Rockwell Automation has acquired Kitchener, Ont.-based AMR specialist Clearpath Robotics Inc.

The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

In a Sept. 5 news release, Rockwell officials said that Clearpath’s OTTO Motors Division offers AMRs and fleet management and navigation software, “designed to increase throughput and reduce costs by ensuring components and subassemblies are in place when needed and by transporting finished goods to a truck or warehouse upon completion.”

“Rockwell and Clearpath together will simplify the difficult and labour-intensive task of moving materials and product through an orchestrated and safe system to optimize operations throughout the entire manufacturing facility,” said Rockwell chairman and CEO Blake Moret. “The combination of autonomous robots and PLC-based line control has long been a dream of plant managers in industries as diverse as automotive and consumer packaged goods. With Clearpath, Rockwell is uniquely positioned to make that dream a reality across virtually all discrete and hybrid verticals, optimizing planning, operations, and the workforce.”


Founded in 2009, Clearpath got its start offering robotics technology to global research and development markets, and in 2015 launched its OTTO Motors Division.

The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of Rockwell’s fiscal year 2024. At close, Clearpath will report to Rockwell’s Intelligent Devices operating segment.


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