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Robot for mid-sized I/M machines

Robot for mid-sized I/M machines

At K2010, Sepro Robotique, parent company of Sepro America LLC, unveiled the Model S5-25, a mid-sized unit in the company’s newest and most advanced line of Cartesian beam robots.

Designed for plastics injection molding machines with 120 to 450 tons of clamp, the S5-25 offers a standard payload of 10 kg (22 lb), an increase more than 50% compared to robots of comparable size in the existing Generation 4 (G4) range. The 700-mm (27.5-inch) demolding or strip stroke is 16% longer than the maximum available on the current G4 unit. This means the S5-25 can handle parts with deeper draw.  At the same time, however, the wrist and arm are actually 10% smaller so the mold does not need to open as far and cycle times can be reduced.

This increased level of performance is achieved without limiting speed, which is pegged at 3.5 m/sec (11.5 ft/sec) on the horizontal stroke. Other important specifications include a 1500 to 6000 mm (60 to 240 inches) horizontal stroke and a 1200-mm (47-inch) vertical stroke that can be extended with an optional telescopic arm to 1400 mm (55 inches).


Sepro America LLC (Pittsburgh, Pa.);; 412-459-0450

  Industries Laferriere (Mascouche, Que.); 450-477-8880

  Shadow Automation (Uxbridge, Ont.); 416-464-2070

New linear robot improves on proven model

The new W873 linear robot from Wittmann is designed as an improvement on the company’s proven W773 model.

The unit can handle a payload of 125 kg (275 lbs), with a maximum vertical stroke of 3,000 mm. The robot is also available in a configuration with 3,600 mm vertical stroke and 60 kg (132 lbs) carrying weight. The kick-stroke is as a standard 2,000 mm, and the traversing axis comes with 4,000 mm (with extension options in 1,000 mm increments).

As molding cycles on larger presses are typically accompanied with longer times, the total cycle time available to the robot can be used for additional handling tasks outside the mold area. The W873 can be upgraded with additional servo driven A, B and C rotational axes (as well as any combination thereof). For highest constructional flexibility in sizing the end-of-arm toolings and highest operational safety, the rotational axes provide a wide range of torque moments. The peak torque moment reaches more than 500 Nm; the operational torque moment hits 250 Nm.

The W873 is also equipped with the new R8 control generation, which offers practically unlimited functions and a comprehensive list of optional features.

Wittmann Canada Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ont.);; 1-866-466-8266

TX90 six-axis industrial robots

The TX90 series robots from Staubli feature an articulated arm with six degrees of motion for high flexibility.

The spherical work envelope allows maximum utilization of cell workspace. Additional benefits are the floor, wall and ceiling mount options. The fully enclosed structure of the robot arm (IP65) is ideal for applications in harsh environments.

Standard features include multiple mounting configurations for adaptability and flexibility of cell design; a reduction gear system for increased speed and reduced maintenance; and a large working envelope.

Stuabli Corp. (Duncan, S.C.);; 800-845-9193

Shelf-mounted robots and robot controller

Kuka Roboter GmbH has unveiled its new generation of shelf Quantec mounted robots.

The shelf-mounted robots of the Quantec series come in two families: Quantec K ultra, with a weight of 270 kg, reach of 2900 mm and payload capacity of 120 kg; and Quantec K prime, a shelf-mounted robot for payloads from 90 kg to 210 kg.

The new KUKA Quantec units are said to be about 12% lighter and thus significantly easier to mount on injection molding machines, than competing lines.

Also, the axis 2 on the robots is located 400 mm further forward, significantly expanding the working envelope forwards and downwards.

Kuka Robotics Canada Ltd. (Toronto);; 416-585-2123


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