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Demand for recycled PP nearing 300 million lbs per year: study

August 27, 2016   Canadian Plastics

The demand for recycled polypropylene (PP) resin by major consumer brand companies is approaching 300 million pounds annually, a new study says.

According to the study by Washington, DC.-based The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), a survey of 21 major consumer brand companies identified demand of more than 280 million pounds of recycled PP resin annually for use in non-food contact applications.

“We recognize the combination of factors impacting the current market for recyclables, however consumer brand companies specifically outlined potential demand for this material,” said Liz Bedard, APR’s rigid plastics recycling program director. “The challenge remains providing recyclers the feedstock to meet that demand.”

All respondents’ demand is current or within the next three years. The APR survey also provides information on qualitative PCR components such as melt flow index, odour, colour, and demand timeframe.


Applications for polypropylene PCR include tubes, rigid packaging, closures, containers, pails, crates, disposable cutlery, pallets, hangers and tubs.

The survey is available at this link.

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