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News Packaging Recycling Sustainability
June 16, 2022  

Big firms partner for soft plastic recycling project

News Human Resources Plastics Processes
June 16, 2022  

RJG appoints new CEO

News Recycling
June 15, 2022  

igus advances the circular economy with the world’s first e-chain made entirely of recycled material

News Canadian Plastics Plastics Processes
June 14, 2022  

StackTeck technology lets customer KW Container mold paint cans in one step

News Sustainability
June 13, 2022  

Single-use plastic to be phased out in U.S. public lands

News Canadian Plastics Recycling
June 10, 2022  

The Circular Plastic Taskforce partners to launch pilot to optimize sortation of flexible packaging

News Canadian Plastics
June 9, 2022  

Timex introduces new watch made from single-use, ocean-bound plastic

News Canadian Plastics Packaging Plastics Processes
June 8, 2022  

Metro eliminates single-use plastic shopping bags in all its food stores and pharmacies

News Materials Sustainability
June 7, 2022  

DuPont divests biomaterials business unit to Huafon Group

News Packaging
June 7, 2022  

New rules ban many single-use plastics in Scotland

News Canadian Plastics Recycling Sustainability
June 6, 2022  

reciChain plastics recycling program expands to Alberta

News Automotive Canadian Plastics
June 6, 2022  

Magna developing ‘Breakthrough Lighting’ features for vehicle exteriors

News Materials
June 3, 2022  

Geon acquires PVC compounder Cary Compounds

News Canadian Plastics Packaging
June 3, 2022  

Waterloo Brewing eliminating some single-use plastic packaging

News Recycling Research & Development
June 2, 2022  

igus unveils the world’s first urban bike made from recycled plastic

News Automotive Canadian Plastics Plastics Processes
June 1, 2022  

Ontario-based Axiom Group expands into Michigan

News Canadian Plastics Construction Plastics Processes
June 1, 2022  

Saint-Gobain acquires Montreal-based siding maker Kaycan

News Robots & Automation
May 31, 2022  

Robot sales in North America continue ‘record surge’ into 2022, association says

News Materials
May 31, 2022  

Lanxess, Advent to buy engineering materials business from DSM

News Canadian Plastics Packaging
May 30, 2022  

McDonald’s Canada unveils Canadian art series using upcycled plastic straws as canvas

News Canadian Plastics Sustainability
May 27, 2022  

McGill University launches initiative to help manufacturing businesses become sustainable

News Materials
May 26, 2022  

Milliken prepares to open major clarifier plant

News Canadian Plastics Research & Development Robots & Automation
May 25, 2022  

Quebec-based Worximity gets $14 million in funding to accelerate manufacturing productivity

News Automotive Canadian Plastics
May 25, 2022  

Linamar creates new MedTech group

News Materials
May 25, 2022  

Rehau Group sells its business in Russia

News Packaging Plastics Processes
May 24, 2022  

ProAmpac acquires food packaging supplier Specialty Packaging

News Canadian Plastics Human Resources Materials
May 24, 2022  

Nova names new acting CFO

News Plastics Processes
May 20, 2022  

Plastics Hall of Fame inducts 2021 class