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Auxiliary Equipment (May 01, 2009)

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Auger-fed granulator

Auger-fed granulator

Wittmann’s new MAS2 Auger is based on the MAS2 series beside-the-press conventional granulators, but has an auger feed cutting chamber that can be used directly under the molding machine because of its low height.

The cutting chamber dimensions of 247 mm x 255 mm (9.7″ x 10″) and the open rotor concept are identical to that of the MAS2. The direct drive gear reduction provides a reduced rotational speed of 240 rpm to guarantee a more uniform regrind with minimal fines. The MAS2 Auger is equipped as standard with a large auger trough measuring 600 mm x 280 mm (23.6″ x 11″) that is ideal for larger sprues. An additional knife located above the screw is designated to prevent large, soft runners from wrapping themselves around the screw.

Like the MAS2, the MAS2 Auger is equipped with an open rotor with three rotating and two fixed knives. By using the knife gap pre-adjustment fixture that is included with each unit, the rotor knives can be adjusted easily and accurately for faster knife changes. This also guarantees a continuous cutting diameter for more uniform regrind. The open rotor enables optimal air circulation and prevents jamming of warm sprues and parts. The 4 kW (5.4 hp) motor results in an average throughput of 70 kg/h (154 lbs./hr.).

Wittmann Canada Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ont.);; 888-466-8266


Anplast Inc. (Anjou, Que.); 1-800-387-4590

Horizontally-fed granulator

Herbold Meckesheim‘s horizontally-fed SB Series granulators are designed for quiet and efficient size-reduction.

The five new models granulate containers made of PET and other recyclable plastics at rates of up to seven tons per hour.

The horizontal feeding screws of the SB units force materials from the hopper to an adjacent cutting chamber at a steady, even pace instead of depending on the materials to fall directly into the blades. One result is higher throughput – an improvement of 30-50 per cent compared with same-size gravity-fed cutting chambers.

Other benefits include less power consumption, quieter operation, no fly-back, reduced wear to the cutting blades, and reduced fines and dust (since granulated particles spend less time in the cutting chamber).

SB series granulators are suitable for dry or wet operation and can also be used for secondary size reduction of pre-shredded plastics.

Herbold Meckesheim USA (Smithfield, R.I.);; 401-232-3354


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