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Big increase in plastic recycling in Canada: CPIA

The amount of plastic packaging recycled in Canada increased by 15% in one year.

June 18, 2012   Canadian Plastics

The amount of plastic packaging recycled in Canada increased by 15% in one year.

According to a new report prepared by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), 15% more plastic packaging was recycled in 2010 than in 2009. 

The results are derived from a survey, conducted by Sonoma, Calif.-based consulting firm Moore Recycling Associates Inc., of over 500 companies who are handling recycled plastics in North America. These companies are made up of reclaimers, exporters, brokers, MRFs (Material Recovery Facilities) and other handlers of used plastics.

In total, over 217 million kilograms of post-consumer plastic packaging were collected for recycling in Canada. The plastic recycled quantities reported for 2010 by Moore Recycling compared to 2009 represent an increase of 13% for bottles (for a total of 150 million kilograms), an increase of 6% for non-bottle rigids (for a total of almost 30 million kilograms) and an increase of 36% for plastic bags and outer wrap (for a total of almost 37 million kilograms).


Also, there was over a 50% increase in plastic film and bags collected for recycling from commercial businesses. Of the total film and bags recovered, the report continued, a third came from consumer curbside recycling programs across Canada.

And there’s room for more growth, the report noted. “Canadian recyclers of plastics want more supply; they have underutilized capacity creating ample opportunity for consumers and businesses to supply our recyclers with more plastics,” the CPIA said. “For instance, it is estimated that the film and bag recycling capacity in Canada to be at 38% utilization of the capacity and non- bottle rigid recycling capacity is at a 47% utilization of the capacity. There is plenty of room to increase plastics recycling.”

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