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good natured Products unveils new plant-based recyclable PET packaging

Food-safe Bio-PET is a thermoformed packaging material designed to successfully co-mingle in the recycling stream with petroleum-based packaging.

March 17, 2021   Canadian Plastics

Photo Credit: good natured Products Inc.

Vancouver-based bioplastics maker good natured Products Inc. has launched its new food-safe “Bio-PET” brand, a thermoformed packaging material that can be co-mingled and recycled along with petroleum-based packaging.

In a March 16 news release, the company said that Bio-PET material will be used to make packaging and extruded rollstock sheet that contains 20-30 per cent plant-based content and up to 50 per cent recycled content, and is accepted in curbside recycling programs across both Canada and the U.S.

“Bioplastics are chemically equivalent to petroleum-based polymers, such as PET #1 and HDPE #2 that are commonly used in plastic packaging applications,” company officials said. “Bio-PET processes, forms, and performs identically to PET and can be fully mixed with traditional PET in recycling streams. This new material helps businesses reduce their reliance on fossil fuels without having to consider any changes to their end-of-life or recycling programs.”

The new material fills a gap in the market, company officials continued. “Until now, many retailers, product manufacturers and food producers with sustainable packaging mandates have been limited to a choice between petroleum-based, curbside recyclable, and plant-based compostable options,” they said. “good natured Bio-PET is food-safe and provides an additional choice to businesses to continue using curbside recyclable packaging while increasing their use of renewable materials.”


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