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Canadian firm shows award-winning polymer testing system at K

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The CubeOne system from LabsCubed provides automated physical testing of polymers and improves result consistency by eliminating human error.

LabsCubed chief technical officer and company co-founder Ammar Jafar and the CubeOne system at the K 2022 show.

Kitchener, Ont.-based LabsCubed, which manufactures automated testing equipment, has brought its award-winning CubeOne automated polymer testing system to its booth at the K 2022 trade show.

The four-foot-long tabletop machine accommodates various sample shapes and sizes, and tests tensile and tear strength. “Compared with vertical universal testing machines, where the technician runs a test, waits, and runs the next test, the CubeOne automates the process,” said Ammar Jafar, chief technical officer and co-founder of the company. “The technician loads the tray with samples, loads the tray in the machine, presses the start button, and can walk away and perform another task instead of having to wait around.” Once the testing is complete, Jafar continued, the results are uploaded to the cloud, where they can be accessed from anywhere. “The testing process is also more consistent because it’s automated, and it gives you a common base that lets you compare results,” Jafar added.

In 2019, the CubeOne system won the top prize at the first Startup Stadium competition at Plast-Ex and the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo in Toronto, and in 2020 it won a European Product Design Award.

LabsCubed was founded in 2106, and the company presented the CubeOne system for the first time in 2018 at the International Elastomers Conference.



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