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Twin-tower desiccant dryers save energy

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AEC’s NGX dryers reduce electrical energy consumption by more than 25 per cent compared with competitors’ wheel-drying technologies.

A new series of twin-tower desiccant dryers is designed to increase energy efficiency and decrease desiccant regeneration times without affecting drying performance.

AEC’s NGX series dryer combines industry leading drying performance and energy efficiency into a sophisticated drying package that is suited for nearly any drying application.

Performance and energy efficiency are two of the most important equipment attributes to any plastic processor. The new NGX dryer was specifically engineered to maximize both of these critical features. As ambient conditions change, the demand from a dryer changes as well.


The NGX utilizes sophisticated control algorithms that optimizes each adsorption and regeneration cycle for the ideal balance of performance and efficiency. This is unlike many competitive dryers that run at a constant energy consumption profile. This optimization delivers energy savings in excess of 25 per cent compared to leading competitors.

In addition to the advanced optimization controls, the NGX platform offers nearly unlimited flexibility in system configuration. The NGX is suited for nearly any drying application as a portable drying cart, portable drying and conveying cart, machine mount dryer, small central dryer, or stand-alone dryer that can be coupled with any competitive drying hopper.


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