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New mixer can handle regrind, plastic pellets, expanded PS ingredients, and thermoplastic additives

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The model RCM36X9SS mixer from Munson Machinery stirs evenly without the degrading material.

Photo Credit: Munson Machinery

A new sanitary model RCM36X9SS rotary continuous mixer from Munson Machinery Co Inc., headquartered in Utica, N.Y., is designed to blend dry bulk solids including regrind, plastic pellets, expanded PS ingredients, and thermoplastic additives  at low cost over long production runs.

The stainless-steel mixer has a stationary inlet and outlet, and proprietary mixing flights. Its 3-horsepower electric motor rotates a drum featuring smooth interior surfaces at 8 to 10 rpm. A weir at the discharge end of the drum creates a buildup of blended material that overflows the weir and discharges from the mixer. A reversing discharge weir is available to fully evacuate material at the end of production runs, and stainless-steel piping is optional.

Additional benefits include dust-free, homogeneous mixing. The machine employs a gentle tumbling action to mix evenly and with little degradation. And unlike mixers with agitators that are forced through stationary material, the mixer has no internal moving parts and therefore lower power requirements.



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