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Sepro to achieve record sales in 2015

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Canadian daughter company coming in 2016, Sepro says.

Robotic automation supplier Sepro Group is on track to achieve record sales in 2015, for the third consecutive year – and plans to open a Canadian branch in Canada sometime in 2016.

As of mid-October, France-based Sepro reports that bookings have already exceeded the total recorded in 2014, which was 79.2 million euros, and the company anticipates it will surpass that number by at least 13 per cent, exceeding 90 million euros.

“We did it by multiplying our own capabilities through partnerships with other companies who want to change the robotic automation market,” said Sepro CEO Jean-Michel Renaudeau. “By being open to collaboration with injection molding machine manufacturers, other automation companies, and research institutions, Sepro has been able to make big things happen in a short period of time.”

Sepro also has partnership agreements with seven different injection molding machine manufacturers at present to allow those companies to offer their customers an automation package that includes the molding machine and the robot. “Some are private label agreements in which the robots are offered under the molding machine brand name and, in some cases, robot controls are integrated into the IMM controls,” Renaudeau said. “In other situations, a Sepro robot and Sepro controls are simply offered as a part of the equipment package. At the present time, these OEM packages account for over 15 per cent of Sepro sales.”


The company also says it has “invested heavily” in expanding operations in the United States and Germany, its two largest markets outside France, while also building its base in developing markets like Brazil and China. “A new daughter company will open in Canada in 2016,” the company said, although no other details about this are available at present.

“At the end of 2015, and for the third year in a row, Sepro Group will celebrate record sales,” Renaudau said. “The only question is exactly how big an increase the final figures will reveal.”


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