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DLC coated components allow molds to run grease-free Hasco is using a new type of coating called DLC (diamond-like coating) on its ejector pins and other components that slide in the mold. This new coating enables the components to operate...

DLC coated components allow molds to run grease-free
Hasco is using a new type of coating called DLC (diamond-like coating) on its ejector pins and other components that slide in the mold. This new coating enables the components to operate without any grease, a big advantage when running food and medical applications which do not permit the use of any lubricant in the mold.

The DLC coating is applied via plasma-assisted vapor deposition, in a process that can reach very high temperatures. The result is a coating that is extremely hard and that significantly reduces friction. This means less wear and less mold maintenance, as well as no grease.

The DLC-coated mold components are available from Hasco off-the-shelf. They are standardized, but can be interchanged with other non-coated components.
Hasco Canada Inc. (Toronto, Ont.);; 800-387-9609



Co-injection technology simplifies packaging barrier process

The new IRIS technology from Mold-Masters is designed to provide a superior alternative to multiple injection systems and post-injection application of barrier liners in closures by secondary processing equipment.

The proprietary and patent-pending system moves the melt simultaneously in the primary and secondary injection flow paths and delivers it through a single gate. The IRIS nozzle design merges the two melt paths together and allows for on-the-fly control of the barrier position both in the direction of flow and in the cross section of the part. With a single integrated controller, the molder can observe and control what is happening in the melt streams to a greater degree than ever before.

Co-Injection in thin- wall containers eliminates the need to use a multi-layer thermoformed structure with tie layers and glues. The benefit is that a net shape part is produced with no web scrap as well as additional design freedom to differentiate brand owners products while maintaining shelf life performance.

Simultaneous injection of 3-6% barrier in each cavity is achieved with balanced filling and unprecedented control of the melt streams.

Mold-Masters Ltd. (Georgetown, Ont.);; 905-877-0185


Valve gate hot runner system improves thermal profile

DME Company is introducing a new solution for molders challenged with maintaining a perfectly flat thermal profile: the new Zenith Valve Gate Hot Runner System.

The Zenith HRS provides better thermal heat profiles in the nozzle and tip – areas where uniform heat is needed to prevent drooling or stringing. In addition to improving the thermal profile for the new product, DME also focused on optimizing the supply chain and logistics to bring the system to customers more cost-effectively and with shorter lead times.

Using standard DME Flex manifold heaters for improved displacement of heat, the Zenith HRS is an excellent choice for sequential filling and family mold applications. Benefits include improved part quality, reduced costs, increased part design options, wider processing windows, and enhanced surface finish through elimination of knit lines.

Available as a hydraulic or pneumatic hot half, the Zenith also offers front- and rear-loaded nozzle heater options and works with a wide range of materials, particularly amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers.

DME of Canada Ltd. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-387-6600


Advanced sequential control performance now available in North America

Incoe Corporation has now introduced the SoftGate hot runner valve pin velocity control to global markets, designed to provide valve pin velocity control technology to resolve process challenges related to conventional hydraulic sequential molding.

Poor flow characteristics leading to part inconsistency, flow hesitation lines, or blemish marks are reduced with SoftGate. The gradual pin actuation, precisely timed as needed for optimized melt flow velocity to the mold cavity, provides a key process control advantage for molders.

The SoftGate technology approach precisely operates the hydraulic valve pin actuation at varying intervals to ensure exact, repeatable filling; part after part. The technology consists of a control module in the hydraulic unit and a velocity calibration unit. Combined, the molder now can have improved part appearance and structure with the ability to record the Valve-Gate pin metering that produces the best melt delivery results. SoftGate also offers simplified and effective operation and ease of maintenance.

For added value, the technology has been designed to retrofit onto existing Incoe hydraulic valve gate systems, allowing molders to take advantage of SoftGate without the requirement of purchasing a completely new system.

Incoe Corporation (Troy, Mich.);; 248-616-0220


Fast, easy to use hot runner system

Gammaflux L.P. has launched its new G24 Temperature Controller, a system designed to combine the best attributes of the existing LEC and TTC hot runner temperature controls (such as Triangulated Control Technology for sensing, controlling and actuating) with additional new features.

The system is designed to be understood with 5 minutes or less of training and programmable to automatically operate according to the industry’s best practices.

It’s also less expensive: By leveraging the global electronics supply chain with new and fewer components, Gammaflux has succeeded in developing its most affordable controller yet.

Also, the G24 is small: Each control module has a 15 amp per zone rating, and up to 24 zones can be placed in a single control block. When compared to the Gammaflux TTC product line, a 128-zone G24 controller has a 48% smaller footprint, which saves processors valuable floor space in their plant.

Finally, the system is designed to be fast, utilizing industrial USB connectivity for a 0.1 second screen update rate; streaming real-time control numbers to the screen allows users to better see what is happening so they can more easily diagnose problems.

Gammaflux L.P. (Sterling, Va.);; 703-471-5050


Premium consumer and electronics hot runner systems

Synventive Molding Solutions has introduced two new styles of its Plug ‘n Play systems: the 06e and 09e, which are ideal for molding small to medium sized parts up to 250g shot weight per nozzle. 

These systems are available with a wide variety of open flow and valve-gate tip styles to suit the particular part application.

Synventive’s Plug ’n Play hot runner systems for Premium Consumer & Electronics part applications are also newly available. These systems are fully pre-assembled and tested prior to shipment, providing fast, easy installation. They are designed for easy assembly, disassembly and serviceability.

Designed for robust performance and process stability, the Plug ’n Play systems also feature Synventive’s threaded nozzles for leakproof operation.  They feature excellent temperature uniformity and are well suited for virtually all molding applications. 

Synventive Molding Solutions Canada Inc. (Toronto);; 416-619-5965


Hot runner control for medium-sized multi-zone applications

Athena’s new Bedros hot runner control syst
em offers 8 to 32 zones of microprocessor-based control. The system delivers more functionality with a full-featured easy to use touch screen that simplifies single- and multi-zone system setup with mold storage recipe capabilities.

The unit comes in a compact package design. The color touch screen is easy to use, with an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) and built-in buttons for joy stick operation. It accepts “J” or “K” thermocouple input.

Athena Controls, Inc. (Plymouth Meeting, Pa.);; 800-782-6776

Process Heaters Inc. (Toronto, Ont.);; 877-747-8250


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