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Hot runner makers Otto Männer and Thermoplay now operating jointly

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Both brands are part of the Barnes Molding Solutions strategic business unit.

Two hot runner manufacturers within Barnes Molding Solutions strategic business unit – Otto Männer GmbH and Thermoplay S.p.A. – will now operate jointly in the market.

Headquartered in Bahlingen, Germany, Otto Männer focuses on the development and manufacture of an original cylindrical valve gate system first patented by the company. Pont-Saint-Martin, Italy-based Thermoplay, which partners with Otto Männer in product development, specializes in the development and manufacture of thermal gate hot runner systems. The new arrangement will make it possible for Thermoplay to use Otto Männer’s manifold technologies in the area of thermal gate hot runner systems, the companies said in a statement.

Otto Männer 64-drops valve gate hot half.

“The specialist area of molds and hot runner technology is extremely comprehensive. In order to deliver truly economical and efficient solutions, it is critical to provide experience and detailed knowledge of design, application technology, and production across a broad range.” Norbert Scheid, managing director of Otto Männer, said. “No company can do that alone, especially if it has established itself in the multi-cavity market for 8 to 192-fold systems. With our collaboration, each of the two companies can focus on its core area of expertise, and we can combine the best of everything to provide a customized solution to our customers.”

Barnes Molding Solutions is a strategic business unit within Barnes Group, which includes the Synventive, Otto Männer, Thermoplay, Priamus, Gammaflux, and FOBOHA brands.



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