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Davis-Standard installs its largest blown film die unit

Seven-layer unit built for Terjarv, Finland-based film supplier Rani Plast.

December 21, 2015   Canadian Plastics

Extrusion equipment maker Davis-Standard LLC has just installed its largest ever seven-layer blown film die built for any customer to date.

Built for Terjarv, Finland-based film supplier Rani Plast, the new Davis-Standard line is equipped with a 2.3-meter seven-layer Centrex IBC die. The line, slated for installation in spring 2016, is being customized to meet Rani Plast’s specifications for producing both high barrier agriculture films and non barrier conventional PE-based films.

Graphic of the new die package, to scale.

Graphic of the new die package, to scale.

Pawtucket, Conn.-based Davis-Standard has been supplying large seven-layer blown film dies for agricultural applications since 2010.

The die and tower are capable of producing a bubble up to 22 meters unfolded at high output rates with a dual lip, automatic profile control air ring. Complementing the die design are seven Davis-Standard MAC extruders fitted with DSB screws and continuous screen changers to deliver a high quality melt at cool controlled temperatures, critical for maximizing output rate and film quality. The tower equipment features multiple bubble cages and Davis-Standard collapsing and gusseting equipment.


“[The new line]will support the production of high barrier and non-barrier film structures ranging in thickness from 30 to 200 microns,” said Mikael Ahlback, Rani Plast’s managing director. “The die design uses concepts that will allow us to optimize the amount of high cost EVOH resin used in our barrier film formulation.”

Rani Plast is a 40-year customer of Davis-Standard in the areas of extrusion coating, cast film and blown film. In addition to agricultural films, Rani Plast’s operation supports packaging and converter grade films, laminated and printed products for the food industry, hygiene films and industrial goods packaging. The company operates nine factories in five countries including Finland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

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