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ExxonMobile, W&H demonstrate new collation shrink film

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The companies used the K 2019 show to demonstrate a 40-micron, five-layer polyolefin dedicated collation shrink film, which included 30 per cent recycled polyethylene.

Continuing an ongoing collaboration of almost 20 years, chemical company ExxonMobil and packaging machinery maker Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) used the K 2019 show to demonstrate a 40-micron, five-layer polyolefin dedicated (POD) collation shrink film, which included 30 per cent recycled polyethylene (PE).

Processed on a VAREX II blown film line, the collation shrink film maintained performance due to the inclusion of Exceed XP and enable performance PE polymers and ExxonMobil LDPE in the formulation.

“By including recycled PE in this collation shrink film it enables valuable material to be re-used in new applications and helps customers create sustainable solutions,” said David Hergenrether. ExxonMobil Chemical vice president, polyethylene. “As a mono-material solution, it is easily recycled where programs and facilities to collect and recycle plastic films exist.”

Because this collation shrink film incorporates ExxonMobil performance PE polymers with recycled PE, it delivers the toughness, holding force and shrink performance for high integrity packaging and storage stability at thinner gauge, Hergenrether added. “Optical properties provide high-end visual in-store consumer appeal,” he said. “The film is easy to process with fast start/stop technology and high output. Recycled PE can be used in W&H film extrusion equipment like VAREX II with consistent processability.”


“The combination of VAREX II technology and ExxonMobil performance PE polymers, allows a broad range of recycled polyethylene streams to be used,” said Martin Backmann, W&H’s research and development manager. “The processing challenge presented by recycled materials with a broad melt index and density range is solved by using Exceed XP and Enable. Our VAREX II technology provides excellent processability of performance polyethylene polymers combined with recycled polymers to deliver higher output, fast transition, and excellent optical properties.”

This 40-micron, five-layer collation shrink film, with 30 per cent recycled PE, has been validated by Grupo Armando Alvarez, a leading plastic film and packaging producer, to effectively package 6 x 1.5L bottles, ensuring value is being delivered across the supply chain.

The new collation shrink packaging that includes 30 per cent recycled PE delivers comparable package integrity and optical performance to conventional collation shrink solutions, Hergenrether said.

ExxonMobil introduced Exceed XP to the formulation to boost the mechanical properties because recycled polyethylene has been added. Exceed XP maintains the toughness and optical properties, while medium density Enable delivers balanced properties of shrinkability, holding force and toughness. The shrink speed of the film can be adjusted for different shrink process conditions due to the use of ExxonMobil LDPE.


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