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The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) has partnered with France-based additives and masterbatch supplier SpecialChem to offer SPE members full access to SpecialChem’s Universal Selector database of plastics and additives.

Access to the Universal Selector includes 125,000 datasheets, SPE said in a statement.

The partnership will greatly benefit SPE members according to Wim DeVos, CEO of SPE, which is headquartered in Bethel, Conn. “This new Materials Database resource we are offering with SpecialChem is an exciting match for SPE, enriching the value we offer our members,” said Wim DeVos, CEO of SPE. “Whether they are looking for materials with specific properties or searching for alternatives or even technical solutions, our engineers and purchasers will find this tool a very valuable asset.”

The Universal Selectors cover the domains historically served by SpecialChem: polymer additives; ingredients for paint, coatings and inks; ingredients for adhesives and sealants; and ingredients for cosmetics and personal care. The Universal Selectors database is designed to help compounders, engineers, designers, Tier One and Tier Two companies reduce trial and error time by selecting the right materials for specific applications.


“Our Universal Selector proposes 10 dimensions of search including the ‘new’ property search. We constantly strive to standardize the heterogeneous ways suppliers publish product data and to add new products as soon as they are launched, which has proven to be valuable for both formulators and engineers,” said Christophe Cabarry, founder and CEO at SpecialChem.

SPE and SpecialChem will cross-promote the partnership at conferences and through digital and social media.


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