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Simcoe Plastics now co-distributing two new CPC grades in Canada

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The Barrie, Ont.-based company has partnered with DME-Milacron to distribute two new Fresh Start Polymers’ commercial purging compound grades in Canada. 

Thermoplastic resin and commercial purging compound (CPC) supplier Simcoe Plastics Ltd. is jointly distributing two new grades of CPCs in Canada that are made by Fresh Start Polymers of Aurora, Ont.

“The initial offerings consist of a mechanical purge, MC-2 and a hybrid mechanical/chemical product, general purpose (GP),” said Kurt Stahle, president of Barrie, Ont.-based Simcoe Plastics. “The MC-2 product is completely safe for all resins and regular operating temperatures, while being ideal for rapid colour changes, cleaning manifolds, cleaning general screw and barrel and hot runners.  The GP product is also easy to use, suitable for manifolds and hot runners, leaves no residues and functions very well with liquid pigment dispersions and dyes.  Both products are formulated with ingredients that meet GRAS and FDA 21 CFR standards.”

The two CPC grades are developed in Ontario and manufactured in the U.S., Stahle said. Simcoe Plastics is partnering with DME-Milacron to distribute the new grades in Canada.

Founded in 1980, Simcoe Plastics was acquired by Stahle in 2011, and has been distributing CPCs in Canada since 2012. The company also distributes prime resins, colour concentrates, reprocessed material, biopolymers, and processing additives.



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