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New online directories assist in plastics film, foam recycling in Canada

April 26, 2016   Canadian Plastics

In an effort to raise awareness around the various recycling options for film and foam, the Canadian Plastics Industry Associations (CPIA) has partnered with U.S. organizations to document and track the various collection options across North America – and to report the results in two new directories.

The two new directories – for film and bags, and for foam – were created to provide Canadians with easy-to-use, searchable databases. “Once the user enters their postal code, the websites generate a list of nearby collection locations by name and address,” the CPIA said. “There’s also a function that allows retail and depot establishments to add their organization name and location to the list as a drop-off point.”

The specific materials being targeted for collection are plastic bags and film, such grocery and retail bags, dry cleaning bags, bread and produce bags, and overwrap like the clear plastic around paper towels and beverage cases, as well as polystyrene foam packaging used for food and foodservice applications and protective packaging. All materials collected for recycling should be clean, dry and empty. Common elements that need to be removed are receipts from bags, and labels and tape from foam.

“In Canada, more than 60 per cent of the population has access to municipal recycling facilities for bags and film, and 35 per cent has access to recycling programs for foam,” the CPIA said. “With the addition of retail and private depot collection locations, these access rates will continue to increase.”



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