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Neste, Ravago partner to build chemical plant in the Netherlands

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When completed, the plant in Vlissingen will have an annual processing capacity of about 55,000 tons of mixed plastic waste.

Aerial view of the designated location at the North Sea Port in Vlissingen. Photo Credit: Neste/Peter Buteijn

Renewable energy firm Neste and materials supplier Ravago SA are partnering to build a chemical recycling plant in the North Sea Port in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

In an Oct. 20 news release, Neste officials say the plant will combine “Ravago’s expertise in the mechanical preparation of plastic waste, Alterra Energy’s proprietary liquefaction technology, and Neste’s expertise in the processing of hydrocarbons.”

Akron, Ohio-based Alterra Energy develops thermochemical liquefaction process technology; both Neste and Ravago are minority investors in the company.

The Vlissingen plant will have an annual processing capacity of about 55,000 tons of mixed plastic waste, corresponding to what Neste says is the plastic packaging waste generated by some 1.7 million average EU citizens per year.


“The long-term hope of the partners is to significantly increase processing capacity on a global scale and continuously develop the joint venture into a global leader for chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste,” Neste officials said.

“We are truly excited about the progress of our joint project work,” Ravago CEO Theo Roussis said in the release. “By fixing the investment location and scope, we are again one step closer to turning our dream into reality. Together with Neste, we have the necessary ingredients for a successful recipe to create scalable solutions, converting non-recyclable waste streams into valuable end products.”

The plant is the latest joint project between Neste and Ravago. In 2019, the two firms set a joint target of reaching the capacity to process over 200,000 tons of mixed waste plastic per year by 2030. Ever since, the companies have evaluated technologies, the raw material market, and built joint business cases to develop chemical recycling capacities. In 2020, Neste said, it also successfully conducted the first of several industrial trial runs with liquefied waste plastic at its oil refinery in Finland.


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