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DSM partners with Sabic and UPM Biofuels to create bio-based Dyneema

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The partnership represents a big step in realizing Dyneema’s goal of sourcing at least 60 per cent of its feedstock from bio-based raw materials by 2030.

Three leading chemical and material suppliers are partnering to help to reduce the environmental footprint of Dyneema, said to be the world’s strongest fibre.

The collaboration will see Royal DSM, Sabic Innovative Plastics, and UPM Biofuels work together to Dyneema transition to bio-based feedstock by using Sabic’s TRUCIRCLE solutions for certified renewable products. As such, DSM is delivering on the commitment it made in December 2019 to improve the sustainability footprint of Dyneema, moving towards a circular, bio-based economy.

The partnership represents an important step in realizing Dyneema’s goal of sourcing at least 60 per cent of its feedstock from bio-based raw material by 2030. “The transition to bio-based feedstock will maintain the unique properties of Dyneema, enabling customers to adopt a more sustainable solution without compromising process efficiency or final product performance,” Dyneema said in a statement. “The Dyneema bio-based material will be carrying the globally recognized ISCC Plus certification and will not require re-qualification of downstream products.”

Bio-based Dyneema will be available beginning in April 2020.


UPM Biofuels produces bio-based feedstock UPM BioVerno from the residue of the pulping process. This is then processed by Sabic to make renewable ethylene under their TRUCIRCLE umbrella of solutions. TRUCIRCLE includes certified renewable products, specifically resins and chemicals from bio-based feedstock that are not in competition with the food chain and help to reduce carbon emissions. By applying a mass balancing approach DSM is then able to create bio-based Dyneema fibre that delivers consistent durability and performance with a reduced environmental impact.


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