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Compounder Polykemi AB expands into Mexico

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The Swedish firm has opened its Polykemi Mexico subsidiary in Mexico City.

Fernando González (left) and Mattias Persson. Photo Credit: Polykemi AB

In what it calls a “natural step in [its] globalization,” Swedish plastics compounder Polykemi AB has opened a new subsidiary in Mexico.

Called Polykemi Mexico, the subsidiary is headquartered in Mexico City. It will supply customers in North and South America with compounds based on both virgin and recycled plastic raw materials produced at a new US$19-million plant in Gastonia, N.C. Prior to the Gastonia plant being built, Polykemi supplied Mexican customers with materials from both its production facility in Ystad, Sweden, and from its U.S. partners.

“Now that our new production facility in the U.S. is operational, it is a natural step… to also establish a new Polykemi subsidiary with a sales office in Mexico,” said Mattias Persson, Polykemi AB’s sales manager, in a March 31 news release.

Polykemi Mexico is headed by Fernando González, a former partner in Polykemi. “With more than 30 years of experience in the local plastics industry, together with a good knowledge of Polykemi’s products, Fernando will be able to provide customers and prospects in Mexico the same high level of service, support and professionalism that always characterizes Polykemi’s way of working,” the release said.



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